Warflow Closed Beta Recharge Testing

Dear lekool players :

We are gald to announce the launch of a brand new game named WarFlow.

The Closed Beta test Starts on the 26th of January 2011, 19:00  Hour PST
The End of the Closed Beta test will be on the 9th of Feburary 2011,  19:00  Hours PST

At the end of the Closed beta test the Server data will be reset and we will officially start Open Beta.

In order to make the Closed Beta more exciting and  more competitive ,the recharge panel will be available during this time.
Don’t hesitate to recharge your account and purchase gold. All of the gold purchased will not be reset when Open beta officially starts
and will be available after the reset of charachter data.  Plus we have alot of closed beta events and game opening events that purchaseing gold will help you
compete for.

So please welcome warflow to the lekool family of games!  Purchase gold and get a leg up by playing the closed beta to get a feel for the game before the open beta starts!

Thanks for playing!
Lekool Team .

Lekool Warflow Closed Beta Rewards

Dear All,

Lekool is glad to announce the launch of its Brand New MMORTS game WarFlow.
WarFlow is a browser-based real-time strategy game that includes many traditional MMORTS features, including resource management, city building, a hero system, and battle against other players and NPC warlords.
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The Closed Beta Commences on 26th January 2011, 19:00 Hour PST
End of Closed Beta test 9th Feburary 2011,  19:00 Hours PST

All the players who participate in the Close Beta test of Warflow get the following rewards

Closed Beta registration rewards :
All the players who join the Close beta of war Flow will get the following rewards

  • When you Join the Game : 500 gold
  • Total online time is 5 Minutes : 10 Gold
  • Total Online time is 30 Minutes : 20 Gold
  • Total online time is 1 Hour : 30 Gold
  • Total online time is 2 Hour : 40 Gold
  • Total online time is 5 hour : 50 gold
  • Total Online Time is 10 Hour : 50 Gold

Note : Online Time Is cumulative

Gift Code rewards :

1.First Gift Code

Code : Random Code –600 Gold

2.Second Gift Code

Code :Random Code –700 Gold

How to use the Gift Code:

1.      Valid Date

Beijing Time  :2011-01-27 11:00:00 to 2011-02-10 11:00:00

PST:2011-01-26 19:00:00 to 2011-02-09 19:00:00

2.   Each Gift Code per person  can be used only once.

lekool team

NPC Powers

WarFlow has more than 15 NPC powers for you to defeat and each power usually has 20 forces. Click the “War” icon to enter the world of NPC powers.

Defeating the powers is the main way to earn Honor points that are used for Heroes’ Techs development, Training enhancement and Heroes Improvement.

The more difficult the NPC force you defeat, the more Honor points you earn, and the difficulty steadily increases as you defeat the NPC forces one by one.

A rookie starts with the Militia Power and more Powers will be unlocked in the future.

The unfinished NPC forces are marked with a red flag, and those defeated NPC forces are marked with a white flag.

There will be a reward for finishing each Power, which usually is a powerful equipment for you to equip your Hero with. In addition, equipments might be dropped when you defeat some NPC forces.

The last NPC force of each Power requires you to team up with other players to fight, and when your team wins there is also a chance that an equipment is dropped as a reward for you.

Buildings (II)


In Market players can trade forage with system. The forage price will fluctuate around 1 Silver per forage unit. The daily trade amount will be increased as the Market upgrades. The daily trade amount will be reset daily and after each time you upgrade your Market. You can also use the Black Market option to buy extra Forage, which price is twice higher than the normal price.


You can increase your reserve soldiers in Barracks by Conscripting or Recruiting. By Recruiting you can get a certain amount of soldiers for free but it takes a period of time to cool down. You can use forage to conscript soldiers. The amount of soldiers you can conscript depends on the soldier limit (which is determined by the level of the Barracks) and the amount of Forage you have.


This building is used to stock Forage. The Forage cap will increase as it upgrades.

War Academy

Techs can be developed and upgraded in War Academy. There are two types of Techs: Military Techs and Formations (FRMN). Military Techs can increase the soldier cap of your heroes, efficiency and resistance of Normal, Skill and Strategy attack. Formations will give you various choices to arrange your heroes and give extra attribute to your army. Formations can be upgraded to put on more heroes.

Tax Office

Tax Office will increase the levy efficiency.

Buildings (I)

Town Center

Town Center (TC) is the major building of a city. All buildings of the city can’t exceed the level of Town Center. Upgrade of Town Center will increase gold drop rate of levy and max level of other buildings.

Different Areas will have different TC level cap. Players need to move to higher level Areas to further increase the level of Town Center. To unlock new Areas, players need to defeat corresponding Powers (PR).

Training Ground

1. Train

You can train to upgrade your Heroes in Training Ground. Upgrade of Heroes will increase the soldier cap, attribute cap (for improvement) and the max level of Equips the heroes can wear. The levels of Heroes can’t exceed the level of Town Center.

Players can select a period they want to train their Heroes. At higher VIP level players can train their Heroes for up to 72 hours at one time. There are also different types of training modes. Select better modes will give heroes higher percentage of EXP. At higher VIP level Players can unlock up to 300% EXP training mode.

2. Improve

You can improve your heroes to increase their attribute. The 3 attribute will affect heroes’ performance in Battles. Strength (Str) will affect the efficiency of normal attack and defense; Dexterity (Dex) will affect the efficiency of skill attack and defense; Intelligence (Int) will affect the efficiency of strategy attack and defense.


1. Purchase & Sell

In Shop you can purchase different types of Equips. More and higher level Equips will be unlocked as the Shop upgrades. You can also sell your Equips in Shop. The selling price will be lower than its original price. Upgraded Equips need to be degraded first before they can be sold. You can get extra silver by degrading your Equips.

2. Inventory

All your unequipped items will be kept in Inventory. You can spend gold to add slots of the Inventory.

3. Upgrade

Your Equips can be upgraded to increase their attribute bonus. You need to spend silver to upgrade Equips. The upgrade success rate depends on Magic, which is updated every 30 minutes. Of course players can use gold to ensure a 100% success rate. The levels of Equips you can upgrade to can’t exceed the level of your Shop.


The one and only function of Treasury is to determine your Silver limit. Your Silver limit will increase as the Treasury upgrades.


Houses are buildings that help increase levy efficiency. By upgrading houses players will get extra silver when doing levy. Players will unlock more houses as the Town Center upgrades.