New Player Testimonials Posted!

As we open our news blog to player testimonials, we encourage everyone to post up good reviews about LeKool’s games on external gaming sites :)  Maybe we will post up your review here on our blog!  Here’s a testimonial made by fellow LeKool player, chibiii (

It’s been a long time I haven’t post a blog entry!.. :) I just like to share something… I admit than i am such a online gamer addict.. hahah not knowing been spending money and all my time into it.. I’ve been playing online games since i was in highschool and now I’ve already graduated college! but still playing into it lol… I’ve been like a zombie( 24hrs online)…

I was surfing sites finding a web based games w/c download is not needed…( since i cant download anything on my laptop esp windows app.) I found couple sites but havent played that long.. A friend of mine recommend me a site for web-based gaming w/c is I found couple games in there like dragon call and legends of xian.. but most give big impact to me was Legend of xian.. I love the game features, the chat box w/c has a cute emoticon! lol.. Its a game that requires good strategy.. Feels so noob by the time i first play into it.. i dont even know what to do gladly got couple of new friends who help me :)

This are some games features!

Being an emperor is such a good thing.. aside from having a cute little title icon beside your name you will get also a chance to gag/mute players and change text color for free. :)

ohh! god of war! having this title only proves that your like a godlike in game! The last man who’ll stand last in clan wars will be the god of gives you clan boxes which gives random items especially zodiac items…

roses! the more roses you receive only proves your the charming girl in this game… more charm more admirer lol…

I got few tips in this game…

• First is all about heroes.. in choosing your hero its the best way to choose green name heroes with best status and best command… green name heroes got high growth points… and growth points are the points you’ll going to earn each time your hero level up..

• Spend your silver wisely.. Its best to spend it in gems or use it in barracks for training your hero.. You can earn silvers doing spy quest everyday or join state wars and exchange your honor points to silvers.. :)

• If you’re not a gold buyer you can still hunt rare and good equipments and sell in trough gold..Every player has 3 chances to do jaiyu pass in 50f, 90f, 100, 140f and 150f if your lucky enough you can get rare equips in that floor in 50f it drops lucky or valiancy parts… in 90f it drops tortoise parts.. in 100f it drops phoenix part.. in 140 white tiger parts.. and in 150f is azure dragon parts..

• For gold buyers… Its best to spend your gold wisely.. first you have to figure out what you need most or what you’re working on! like for example you are working in making gems.. or level up your heroes or even buy powerful sets for your heroes.. :)

• For gems, be a cost efficient. If its going to cost more a lot to buy lower quality gems than its to buy high quality gems then buy the highest quality one.. or if you are lucky enough you can do copper treasure hunt it drops random gem4…. You can also make gems using your honor points.. just change ur honor points into silver and buy gems and synthesize and synthesize it until it become high level gems.. :)

• Legends of xian is a war game so be expect to get pk (player kill) or siege by other players… good thing about sieging player is that you will get resources, coins or even silvers if the one you siege exceed 200silvers… :) Well, you can always prevent siege by using Tablet of truce which give you 4hours protection.

• It has also a slave system.. By the time you reach level 20 you’re no longer under protection so you have to fight players in arena and capture them as your slave if you dont want others to capture you as a slave… :( so sad im always beaten by beast so they always enslave me ^_^

• I always love boss hunts… There are 3 bosses respawn in different places and different time… boss drops items and gives merit points which you can exchange also in any items like enhancers etc etc…

So this is all for now :) i still got lots of works need to be done hahha…  ^_^ just visit” K8 v* k9 P. w0 |6 ^ for this game

You can still check other games..’ O; a( u, D; u- X
http://bto.lekool.com6 B6 r! G: e  @) p

New Event: Create Wallpaper Design or Video Trailer for ANY LeKool Game

For ALL LeKool Players

Event Details:

Users have a choice…

1. Create a wallpaper design for ANY game you want.  Wallpaper must be at least 1800×1600 (width by height) in dimension.  3 entries allowed per user.  Each entry can be for ANY game.  So for instance, each wallpaper you make can be for 3 different games.

2. Create a video trailer showing gameplay footage from ANY game you want (at the moment, we are looking for Fantasy of Swords video trailers but you can choose any game you want).  The video must be at least 1 to 2.5 minutes in length.  The video should contain LeKool’s logo on it as well as the logo for the game you made the video for.  The better the video looks, the better your chances are of winning.  Make the video look appealing so that players new to the community will want to play our games!

Users can choose to participate in either one of the above or both.


The top 5 users will win 200 in-game gold for the games they made wallpapers for.  500 in-game gold for the games they made video trailers for.  Also, wallpapers and video trailers that are picked by the LeKool staff to win the event will be used for marketing purposes.  So here is your chance to represent the LeKool community!


Please post up your submissions on this forum thread.


Heroes can be reincarnated when their level reaches 51.

Reincarnation will reset a Hero to level 1, but the reincarnated Hero’s starting Force level will be increased. And the Hero’s level required for next Reincarnation will also increase.

There is no limit to the number of times of reincarnation, but the level requirement may raise beyond Heroes’ current maximum level (Lv. 110) in the game.

Fantasy of Swords CBT Launching Soon!

LeKool Launches New MMO, Fantasy of Swords, into Closed Beta!

Fantasy of Swords makes it debut into the North American market.

Fantasy of Swords

LeKool, a browser-based game publisher based in China, is proud to announce the closed beta launch of its new MMO, Fantasy of Swords.  Already a publisher for 5 games including Caesary and Dragon’s Call, Fantasy of Swords will be LeKool’s 6th published MMO in less than a year.

Coming this February 21st, Fantasy of Swords is a browser-based MMORPG that showcases many features of any typical MMORPG including a pet system, market trading system, as well as a house system.  Other features include item enhancing, an email system, a production system, a treasure rewards system, and much more.

This will be the first localized version of Fantasy of Swords published into the North American market.  Xian Hu, Director of Business Development and Operations, expressed his excitement regarding the closed beta launch saying “I am very exicted to be launching Fantasy of Swords, the game is very different to other RPG in the market, there is a Unique “Pet System” and you can marry “virtually” the person you like.  I expect the players will be really hooked to this game”.

For those players out there who want to test out a new kind of browser-based RPG, here is your chance!

Register for closed beta on the official Fantasy of Swords website.

You can also visit LeKool’s portal by visiting or any of their game’s portals:

Caesary –
Dragon’s Call –
Legends of Xian –
Business Tycoon Online –
WarFlow –

LeKool Releases Newsletter for the Community

LeKool Newsletter

We are halfway done with February and of course we hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day.  It’s been nearly 6 months since LeKool first launched in Sep of 2010.  We have attracted over 900,000 users and published 5 most top browser games from China with another 5 to come in the next 2-3 months. We also have an Alexa rating of 8000.  We couldn’t have done this without your dedication, support and love for the community. We have met a lot of you in game and have become friends. We had a lot of fun and memorable moments together. As we continue to grow as a community, we encourage our users to help us by giving us feedback on what we can do to better our games, improve our customer services, and further enhance the user experience at LeKool. Our staff consists of some of the most talented and committed MMO gamers and our goal is to make sure everyone gets the best experience at LeKool.  If there is something you want, we want to hear from you!  You can join our new LeKool Space, which is a social community network similar to facebook but is designed for LeKool’s gaming community.  Register at and join us!  We also have a videos page where you can view all of our uploaded videos as well as our forums where you can discuss your experiences in any of LeKool’s MMOs.

Here is a list of each of our games at LeKool showing you what each game is about, the events for each game, as well as link to go to for each game:

Game Description: WarFlow is a RTS war game where you can command your forces and team up with your friends in the Legion to give enemies a bloodbath, and seize their farms and mines. WarFlow is 100% free and no downloads required.Events: iPad and iTouch Giveaways, Tagline Competition

Official Website:

Caesary Game Description: Caesary is an MMORTS strategy game where you can create your own civilization, build your army, and expand your land by fighting against other armies or creating alliances.  Caesary is 100% free and no downloads required.Events: WSC and Tourney Servers, Tagline Competition

Official Website:

Dragons Call Game Description: Dragon’s Call is an MMORPG that allows players to complete quests for rewards, create their own bots to do things for them while they are away, create their own auction houses, and much more. Dragon’s Call is 100% free and no downloads required.Events: Tagline Competition

Official Website:

Business Tycoon Online Game Description: Business Tycoon Online, or BTO, is an MMO Strategy game where players can take command of their business and learn new skills to achieve success. Business Tycoon Online is 100% free and no downloads required.Events: Tagline Competition

Official Website:

Legends of Xian Game Description: Legends of Xian is an MMORPG that allows players to fight against each other in combat and earning themselves rewards for their achievements.  Featuring a clan system and a market system, this game is 100% free to play on browser.Events: Flower Contest, Tagline Competition

Official Website:

Fantasy of the Sword Game Description: Getting ready to launch into closed beta, Fantasy of Sword is LeKool’s newest MMORPG that showcases a multitude of features that players will be able to find in a typical MMORPG.  What’s better is that this is an RPG played inside a browser and is 100% free!Events: Tagline Competition

Official Website: