How to trade?

How to Trade?
In order to prevent multi-accounts and money-scamming, we are always keeping improving and adjusting the trade system in Business Tycoon Online. However, we haven’t made much progress. Now, multi-accounts and money-scamming still exist. Though they didn’t cause any serious harm to the balance of Business Tycoon Online, they still distress our players. But too strict trade system will decrease the fun of the game. In early time, we have considered the trade manner of auto-matching, but due to dozens of reasons, we didn’t adopt it. We have received a lot of suggestions on market trade from players which strengthened our confidence of making it well. Since its testing, we have been keeping on improving our games based on players’ advices. Now, the improvement to current trade system has been finished. A new trade system of “Auto-Matching” has been launched.
About “Auto-Matching” (It is originally a piece of advice from ottoyt. Slightly changed)
“Auto-Matching” trade system works in a similar way as the stock market. In this system, a player needs not find a buyer or a seller. All purchase orders or selling orders are submitted to the system. The purchase orders are listed from high price to low price and the selling orders are listed from low price to high price. Also, a purchase order will match a selling order automatically and all orders get refreshed periodically. The orders without being matched can wait for next match. Thus, the ones purchasing at the highest price and selling at the lowest price will be satisfied first. This is in accordance with market discipline so money-scamming is prohibited.
For example, there are demands for food at the prices of 30TCN, 20TCN, 10TCN and 5TCN, and there are supplies of food at the prices of 40TCN, 28TCN, 19TCN and 8TCN, then the demands for food at the price of 30TCN will be first matched with supplies of food at the price of 8TCN, if the food sold at the price of 8TCN is not enough, it is the turn of food sold at the price of 19TCN and so on until the demand is satisfied. (The supply of food at the price above 30TCN is excluded). The demands for food at the second highest price start to be matched. If there is no food sold at a lower price than the purchase price, the demand is pending until the next match begins. So the demand at the highest price and supply at the lowest price will be satisfied first. In this way, money-scamming is prohibited.

Setting and Rule of Trade System:
Matching Rules:
1. Only goods of the same type will be matched. For example, demands for food will be matched with supplies of food and demands for rice will be matched with supplies of rice.
2. Demands at the highest price are prior to be satisfied. The demands are matched from the highest purchase price and the supplies get matched from the lowest selling price.
3. When the purchase price is lower the selling price, the matching stops. The orders left after this matching can wait for next matching.
4. Demands or supplies at the same price will get matched according to the time the orders are published.
5. If the demand is for 50 pieces and the supply is 100 pieces, then the demand of 50 pieces get matched with half of the supply and the other half of the supply left waits for next matching.
6. Matching cannot be carried out if there are less than 10 orders (both purchase and selling are included).
7. Your wealth has to remain above 50,000TCN after you posting a purchase order.

Matching Time:
1. Match cycle extends from a few minutes to ten minutes randomly.
2. Every completion of one match triggers the beginning time of next match.
3. Business stops at 24:00-09:00. During this period, no match happens.

Legends Of xian Easter Celebration

Dear All,

Easter is coming . On Easter Sunday children wake up to find that the Easter Bunny has left them baskets of candy. He has also hidden the eggs that they decorated earlier that week. Children now hunt for the eggs all around the house. Neighborhoods and organizations hold Easter egg hunts, and the child who finds the most eggs wins a prize. We at lekool have created some special Easter events just for you. Although there are no eggs, there are Boss named Easter rabbit,,State War ,Double EXP ,Travel in legends of xian and charming princess.

Are you ready ?Go hunt the boss down ,gain glorious items.

Enjoy the special Easter events



1.Recharge bonus

LOX Recharge bonus in April is HOT now!!

In appreciation of all the players` support to LOX, now you can get the great GIFT just for recharging certain amounts of Gold! Such a big surprise is just behind you!! So what are you waiting for?!!

[Event Sever] S1, S2

[Event Time] :April 23, 2011-April 25, 2011

[Event ] During the event, the system will count your Gold automatically. After the event, you can get your corresponding props at Activity Specialist (Qiushui)

Requirements and Rewards:

Amounts of Gold Reward
300 GOLD-499 GOLD Nifty Resource Gift * 2, Art of War – Scroll 1 * 1, Group ATK Spell 2 *1, Group VTL Spell 2*1 ,Group DEF Spell 2 * 1
500 GOLD – 999 GOLD Gold hunt kit *1, Art of War – Scroll 1 *5 ,Group ATK Spell 2 * 1, Group VTL Spell 2 *1 , Group DEF Spell 2 *1
1000GOLD–1999 GOLD Gold hunt kit * 3, Art of War – Scroll 1 * 10, Group ATK Spell 3* 1, Group VTL Spell 3 *1 , Group DEF Spell 3 *1
2000 GOLD-2999GOLD Gold hunt kit * 7, Art of War – Scroll 1 * 10, Growth Spell *5,Group ATK Spell 3* 2, Group VTL Spell 3 *1 , Group DEF Spell 3 *1
3000GOLD-4999GOLD Gold hunt kit * 12, Art of War – Scroll 1 * 10, Growth Spell *10,Group ATK Spell 3* 4, Group VTL Spell 3 *2 , Group DEF Spell 3 *2, Group Combo Spell 3 *2
5000GOLD-9999GOLD. Gold hunt kit * 20, Art of War – Scroll 1 * 15, Growth Spell *10, Top Group ATK Spell*5, Group VTL Spell 3 *3 , Group DEF Spell 3 *3, Group Combo Spell 3 *3
10000GOLD-19999GOLD Gold hunt kit * 40, Art of War – Scroll 1 * 40, Growth Spell *20, Top Group ATK Spell*10, Group VTL Spell 3 *6 , Group DEF Spell 3 *6, Group Combo Spell 3 *6
20000GOLD-29999GOLD Gold hunt kit * 90, Art of War – Scroll 1 * 70, Growth Spell *30, Top Group ATK Spell*20, Group VTL Spell 3 *12 , Group DEF Spell 3 *12, Group Combo Spell 3 *12, Group AGL Spell 3*12
30000 GOLD or more Gold hunt kit * 150, Art of War – Scroll 1 * 100, Growth Spell *50, Top Group ATK Spell*30, Group VTL Spell 3 *18 , Group DEF Spell 3 *18, Group Combo Spell 3 *18, Group AGL Spell 3*18

[Warm TIPS] :

CLICK the “PAY” button on the upper left corner of your screen to finish your RECHARGE.



2.CLICK the “Buy gold” button in the shop of your game to finish your RECHARGE.



3. Using a Gold hunt kit equivalent to “1 Attack ” in Gold treasure.

4. Art of War – Scroll 1 can elevate hero’s cp at Fortune Teller or combine to Art of War-Scroll 2 in Forge`s Furnace at Palace

2.Double EXP in Drill Ground

Event time: 13:00 – 14:00
April 22-April 25

Reward: Double EXP in Drill Ground

NOTE: Using Warrior Spell ,you can get extra 0.5 times EXP.

3.Two-day trip in LOX

Event : The players ,who complete the daily cycle quests, not only can appreciate the LOX`s beautiful scenery and get abundance EXP ,resources, coin , but also get the extra reward of Socket Spell 2 (bound).

Event server: all

Event time: April 24-April 25

Reward: The players, who complete 10 cycle quests successfully every day, can get one Socket Spell 2(bound).

You can get many kinds of cycle quests at Li Mengyang, Wang Tingxiang and Teng Shou-Seignior Zhou Mansion in Kaifeng.

4.State War for Combo Spell

Event : Participating everyday`s State War can get one Group Combo Spell 2 at Capital City-Palace- Activity Speciality

Event server: s1

Event time:April 23 – April 25

Reward: Group Combo Spell 2(bound)

Sodier level: 6


5. LOX BOSS anther climax

EASTER RABBIT frightfully appears in Shu Zhou, it will convey Easter Day`s great joy to all of you!

Event: there will be lots of treasures on EASTER RABBIT, if you fight you will have the chance to get the super equipment and props.

Event time : 12:00 April 21 ,2011

Event server: S1

Victory Trophy: 1 Class-4 Gem Box

Pioneer Trophy: 1 Class-4 Gem Box

Dropped in battle: Recovery SpellSilver CertificateEnhancer gems, Quality Gem 4Growth Spell, Draft spell, Top Group HP spell, Top Group ATK spell, Top Group DFF Spell, Top group ALG Spell, Group ALG Spell 2 , Group ATK Spell 2, Group DFF Spell 2, Group HP Spell 2,Warrior Spell, Copper tiger spell, Silver Tiger spellGold Tiger Spell Teleport Spell Kaifeng Scroll , Pearl


Location: Shu zhou

Hero lvl:60

Soldier lvl:6

Soldier: 1.8 Million

Reborn time: 7 h

6. Are you th
e Flower PRINCESS?

Event: Have you noticed the unbelievable beautiy in LOX, Just send your Roses to her to win her charming smile!!

Event server : S1,S2

Event time: 23:59 April 24 2011

Reward time : 00:00 April 25 2011 – 23:59 April 28

Reward: 1st in Yesterday`s Flower list : Group ATK Spell 3 * 10

2nd -3rd in Yesterday`s Flower list: Group ATK Spell 3 * 5, Group ATK Spell 3 *5

4th – 10th in Yesterday`s Flower list: Group ATK Spell 3 * 13, Group ATK Spell3 *3

NOTE: After the event, all the TOP 10 players can get the rewards.



lekool Team

Lekool Warflow I-Touch Winner

Dear All,
After Months Of real hard Fought Event, we have the Grand Warflow I-Touch Winner, Lets all Say our Congratulations to Him. It was a hard Fought Win and the others came very close to winning but in the end there was only 1 Winner.

The Winner of the i Touch is Rodello 11FC.gif

lets all congratulate him on this win, We will have a new I touch Giveaway for the New caesary Server, those who want to get their hands dirty with the I touch, Please Join the new caesary Tourney Server and refer to the following thread for more details … p;extra=&page=1
The winner Please contact us for more details on how to claim your reward

Dont Forget that All players who did not win still stand a change to win the lekool Weekly cash prize.
lekoolgames, We make gaming Fun!!



Lekool Legends of Xian S2 Launch Event

Coolville activities of Server 2

With the ever-expanding popularity and player base of “Legends of Xian”, Lekool will release its server 2 at ¬18:30 PDT, April 7, 2011. New excitement and challenges are waiting for your participation! Don’t hesitate to join us in Lekool LoX to become the emperor and create your own history!

Here are the activities.

Activity1: Awards of First Pay On the new server, the 1st time to recharge for the role, you will receive an additional gift from the system.

The gift including: Growth Protection Spell (x1), Group HP Spell 2(x5),Copper Tiger Spell (x5),Growth Spell (x5) , Recovery Spell (x5), Draft Spell (x10), Tablet of Truce (x10)

More events can be found at:

Lords Of Ages Patch Update

Dear Players,


There will be another patch update to Lords of Ages, the patch will be updated on 6th April 2011, 2:00 AM during a routine maintenance.

The New patch update contains the following updates

1.The first letter for the city name,alliance name and lord name should be capital.
2. 1 hour time to refresh the hero energy instead of energy drink and leveling the hero up.
3.Only the players whose prestige is level 2 can see the colosseum
4.Before you sent troops to attack the wilderness, you can see which wilderness are attacked by the numbers of other players.
5.The inactive players will be deleted and renewed..


Lekool Team