Compensation for Emergency maitenance on 27 June

Dear all:

We are sorry for the trouble and lost have been caused by  the LOX emergency maintenance on June 27!
We will  give out the following compensations to everyone in both servers !!

Sever 1:

1.  Double EXP at Drill Ground

Time: PDT 2011-6-29 21:00-24:00

PDT 2011-6-30 21:00-23:00

2.  2 Copper Tiger Spell

Server 2:

1.  Double EXP at Drill Ground

Time: PDT 2011-6-29 21:00-23:00

2.  2  Copper Tiger Spell

(PS: the  2  Copper Tiger Spell will be sent to  you  in 12hours)

Lekool Team


EDragon Guides: From Newbie to Dragon Master – Lekool

EDragon  Guides : From a Newbie to a Dragon Master–  Lekool

Welcome all to EDdragon, A RPG online in a world of fantasy. Lets the epic fights start!

This is Quick Guide for Newcomers to help them become a dragon master quickly.

The 4 first parts are the main features of the game. I will then go deeper in the game itself.

1. Equipments Guide:

Equipments are one of the main features in EDragon. Each Equipment has different attributes.

How to check information on the different equipments of your character?


  1. Click “Lv Up” on the top left corner and enter “Lv Up” panel.



Select the equipment tab and find the data on the equipments.

Here you can select all the equipments data.

2. Daily Events & Experience

A level-up in-game guide system help to show you the tasks, battles in arena, slaves, instances and training in the throne and so on. Just click the “Level-UP” shown  to access “Level-Up” panel where you can know the details of daily events in order not to miss the experience.

3. Monsters Challenge

Click “Lv-Up” and select the “Monster” where you can view monsters that you can locate and  challenge in battle.

4.The Arena

The arena is a place where heroes can fight each other.

Click “Arena” to see the list of fighters.

The list of opponents shows all the opponents available to challenge in the arena.

Defeating the opponent upgrade ranking and gives more honor.

Challenger is able to see opponent equipments condition before fighting. You just have to click on the opponent’s name.

If you are ready, then click “Fight” and let the show begin!

A player is allowed to do 30 fights daily. The first 15 Fights are free and the other 15 Fights consume Gold.

Like on a real ring, during the Fights, player has to rest 10 mins before starting another fight. During these 10 minutes you cannot perform or accept any fights. You can start another fight again after the 10mins interval. But the interval time for VIP players is 5 minutes.

Fights get you honors as rewards. Winning fights get you extra honors and level up your ranking.


The defeated opponents will lose some honors. However if the ranking of challenger is lower than that of the opponent, the opponent will not lose honor when defeated. If the player ranks NO.1, he or she will gain honors when defeating the challenger.

Consequences of a Fight:

1. The honor can be exchanged for experiences, coins or materials.

2. Player can enslave his defeated opponents.

3. The ranking in the Arena also decides your opponents in the Hall of Power.


Let’s now start after signing up ^^,

1. The Newbie Quests


When entering the game, a pop-up window will appear as follows: This is your first quest that needs to be completed. The window informs the quest rewards and quest objective. Click the “Continue” button, a Guide will lead you start your eDragon journey.


You can perform the following steps to complete the newbie quests:


1. Click “next” to continue.
2. Mouse move with the “Newbie Quest”.
3. There are some steps you will follow: After reshipment——new born——check——visit Weapons shop——visit Armor shop——make inquiries——rest——Glory hall——Added energy——trial——advanced——Racial glory——interview——camp——inauguration——ascension——purification——Again sounded——challenge——arena guard.


You will finish the newbie task when finishing the fight in Arena.




1. Every task has a clear guide. You can do with the following order: Accept the task – Go to the destination – Complete the task – Back to report – Claim the rewards.


2. After completing each newbie task, you will receive some rewards and experience, which will make you level up.


3. Some tasks will make you consume certain HP or MP in fighting. You can buy the items to recover or have a rest in the inn. In addition, you can buy the HP or MP pack to recover.


4. When you are not in game, you can choose to train in the throne or out of the city. Training in the throne will cost coins to increase experience. Training outside the city consumes not only coins, but also energies.


2. Equipments Attributes Features


Move the mouse cursor over an equipment to view its attributes.


Note: Equipment that has a purple name is very precious.




1. “Lv.2″ means it has been upgraded once.
2. Equipment cannot be traded between players; however, it can be sold.
3. “Slot: 1/3″ means the equipment can have 3 extra attributes and it already has one extra attribute.
4. Level Required means you should reach the necessary level to use this equipment.
5. Attr. Required means you should have the necessary attributes to use this equipment.


3. Experience & Attributes


Experience is obtained when a player win a fight in the field or completes a quest.


Experience helps players to level up.


Benefits of Experiences:


  1. When players level up, their Strength, Agility, Constitution, HP, and MP will all increase. Players will also gain 1 Attribute Point for each upgrade. The Attribute Points can be added to any of the three attributes (Strength, Agility and Constitution) according to your play style.
  2. The number of weapons and armor that can be equipped depend on the player level.
  3. Higher level allows players to learn more advanced skills.
  4. In a fight, players with higher levels will have higher Critical, Dodge, Break, and Hit skills.

4. Recruiting Servant

You will be able to recruit a servant when you reach level 15.

It will cost you 10000 coins to recruit a servant. There are six types of servants that can be recruited, but you can only recruit one.  However you can fire your current servant and recruit another one.

Each servant has a different function. You must pacify or bestow your servant to increase his loyalty and emotion.

5. Pets Guide

Pets are available when players reach level 20. Pet Shop feature appear in the role information or the servant panel.

Pet Shop is refreshed every 2 hours unless you pay 20 gold to refresh it immediately.

Pets are hatched from eggs and there are 4 types of eggs with specific colors.

Tips: Eggs are colored ; White, Green, Azure and Magenta.

White eggs Pets have no born skills while Pets from Magenta eggs have the best attributes.

Eggs price varies. Eggs can be bought with coins or gold.



Below are the guides for the Eggs:






Eggs Price Hatch Time Capacity (per Lv-up) Points 

(per Lv-up)

Born Skills Extra Attributes
White Hug Bunny 20000 300 15 0.15 N/A N/A
Green Hug Bunny 200000 600 20 0.2 Hug Mp consumption -3%
Azure Hug Bunny 1000000 1800 25 0.25 Hug Mp consumption -6%
Magenta Hug Bunny 3000000 3600 30 0.3 Hug Mp consumption -12%
White Fairy 30000 300 15 0.15 N/A N/A
Green Fairy 300000 600 20 0.2 Illusion Dodge +1%
Azure Fairy 1500000 1800 25 0.25 Illusion Dodge +2%
Magenta Fairy 4500000 3600 30 0.3 Illusion Dodge +4%
White Owl 40000 600 15 0.15 N/A N/A
Green Owl 400000 1800 20 0.2 Sense Hit +1%
Azure Owl 2000000 3600 25 0.25 Sense Hit +2%
Magenta Owl 6000000 7200 30 0.3 Sense Hit +4%
White Kungfu Panda 50000 600 15 0.15 N/A N/A
Green Kungfu Panda 500000 1800 20 0.2 Drunken Fist Draw Hp +1%
Azure Kungfu Panda 2500000 3600 25 0.25 Drunken Fist Draw Hp +2%
Magenta Kungfu Panda 7500000 7200 30 0.3 Drunken Fist Draw Hp +4%
White Mermaid 60000 600 15 0.15 N/A N/A
Green Mermaid 600000 1800 20 0.2 Sonata Attack damage +4
Azure Mermaid 3000000 3600 25 0.25 Sonata Attack damage +8
Magenta Mermaid 9000000 7200 30 0.3 Sonata Attack damage +16
White Vampire Bat 90000 900 15 0.15 N/A N/A
Green Vampire Bat 900000 2700 20 0.2 Devouring Draw Mp +2%
Azure Vampire Bat 4500000 5400 25 0.25 Devouring Draw Mp +4%
Magenta Vampire Bat 13500000 10800 30 0.3 Devouring Draw Mp +8%
White Pon-Pon Penguin 120000 900 15 0.15 N/A N/A
Green Pon-Pon Penguin 1200000 2700 20 0.2 Frozen 1% damage reduced by Mp barrier
Azure Pon-Pon Penguin 6000000 5400 25 0.25 Frozen 2% damage reduced by Mp barrier
Magenta Pon-Pon Penguin 18000000 10800 30 0.3 Frozen 6% damage reduced by Mp barrier


6.Roles of Pets

Pets help players in fights. However, the level of a player determines how many Pets can he/she takes with to fight along side.

A player who is below lv36 can only takes one Pet to fight.

Players from lv36 to 71 can take 2 Pets and players above level 71 can take 3 Pets to fight with them.

However, a Player cannot take two Pets of the same type even if they have different color.

Pets can help players a lot in battles. However, when Pets stamina reaches zero, the effect will disappear. Players will have to take them out of the Pet Fighting slot to feed them.

Pets can be trained when they are fighting.


7.Role of Servant

When you obtain a servant, you will be able to have a manor.

Manor allows you to have 5 farmlands which can be increase when your servant levels up. Farmlands can be added with coins or gold.

Farmlands can be upgraded depending on your servant level. Upgrade has a cool down time.

Higher level of Farmlands implies higher level of plants growing and thus, more experience gained.

Note that it costs 1 emotion point to grow 1 plant. 0 emotion plants means you cannot grow plant. You will have to pacify your servant.

Grown mature plants get you experience and some coins.

Note: Plants must be harvest in time. Otherwise they will wither or decay. However, harvesting withered plants get you experience by the servant.

8. The Palace

At the Palace, you will be assign certain tasks where you can get experience through “Train” and coins through “Teach”, These are important tasks.

In the Palace, you can claim Gift Packs or clear your sin at a certain level of contribution.

“Trial” in Palace is the best place for teaching and training. Training will consume coins but will get you experience in return while Teaching will get you coins.

During teaching or training, players cannot go out of city or take part in competition.



This is all for now, any question, Updates will follow soon, please PM Mod_Zaafir. I will try my best to help and answer as far as I can.


Thank you and happy gaming! Its EDragon on


Equipment Upgrade

The equipment can be upgraded in the smithy. The upgrading will make the equipment more powerful. However, the jewelries and some special equipments cannot be upgraded.

The meteorite is tradable between players, which can be bought only through gold.

The untradable materials just like runestone can be bought through gold or coupon.

When you are upgrading an equipment, there is a certain rate to fail. If you put dark green crystal together into the forging furnace, it can make sure that the equipment will not degrade when the forging fails.

The rate of failure grows with the equipment level increasing.


Lekool Team


Equipment Clearing

If you don’t like the attributes of your equipments, you can use white crystal to clear the attributes. You just put the white crystal and the equipment into the forging furnace and click “Forging” and can complete the clearing.

This would clear up all the attributes of the equipment, so you should be careful to do this.

White crystals can be bought in the mall.

Lekool team.



The arena offers all the heroes a free place to fight with each other.

Click the arena and you can see the opponents list.

The names on the list display that they are all the available opponents that you can fight against. And their rankings are all higher than your ranking. If you can beat down the opponents, your ranking will go up and gain more honor.

Just click the “Challenge” can you start a combat. Before the combat, you can click the name of the opponents to see their equipments condition.

Every day a player can start 30 combats. The first 15 combats are free and the other 15 combats consume gold. During the combats, there is an interval time of 10 minutes. In the 10 minutes you cannot start or accept any combats. You can start a combat only after the 10 minutes. And the interval time of VIP users is 5 minutes.

You can get some honor after when starting a combat. If you win the battle, you will get extra honor and your ranking will go up. The defeated opponents will lose some honor. But if the position of challenger is lower than that of the opponent, the opponent will not lose honor if being defeated. In addition, if the player is NO.1 of that position, he or she will gain honor when defeating the challenger.

The honor can be exchanged for experiences, coins or materials.

Another function of the arena is to provide slaves.

The ranking in the arena also decides your opponents in the hall or honor.

Lekool team .