Big enrichment to the rewards in Penalty of Spy and all Force Cards 20% off!

After serious consideration on players’ suggestion, we’ve decided to greatly enrich the rewards in Penalty of Spy by adding more props into the reward pool. New rewards added in are as follow:

Lv 6 Pony Card, Lv 4 Pony Card, Super Employee Card, Wand, Dealer’s Letter, Pink Diamond Contract, Diamond Contract, Gold Contract, Super Gem, Exquisite Gem, Precious Gem, Health Jewel, Agility Jewel, Power Jewel, Focus Jewel, Brick, 50,000 TCN

What’s more, to expel the commercial spies, Whole Town Armed Assult led by Mayor Andrew is about to launch in Liberty City. During the activity, price of all kinds of Force Cards will be 20% off! What are you waiting for? Arm yourself and kick off all the spies! GO GO GO!

Activity Duration: From 2011-07-29 00:00 PDT to 2011-08-01 00:00:00 PDT

Item        Original Price        Discounted       Price
Junior Force Card                  10 Gold             8 Gold
Medium Force Card        100 Gold             80 Gold
Advanced Force Card        500 Gold             400 Gold
Ultimate Force Card        2000 Gold             1600 Gold

Important Notice: Lekool Team reserves all rights of explanation and revision.

Lekool Team
July 28, 2011

A BTO Update for Greatly Lowering Wand Requirement in Freedom Eden!

An update has been implemented to the game to make abig adjustment of Wand requirement in tasks of Freedom Eden.
1.Firstof all we have greatly reduces the number of Wands required in finishing tasksrelated to medals, vehicles and yachts.

2.If you have used the number of Wands (previously required) to finish a task, we will return the exceeding Wands to you according to the new wand requirement. Forexample, before the update Task A requires 10 Wands to highlight. However afterthis update Task A requires only 5 Wands for highlighting. And you havefinished the task with 10 Wands before the adjustment. In that situation, youwill get the exceeding 5 Wands you’ve expended before back to your account.TheWands will be returned to your account automatically when you step in theFreedom Eden again after the update.
For any information about the new requirement, please refer to the announcement:
Lekool  Team
July 28, 2011

WarFlow Server Downtime Compensation

Dear Players,

Due to a Network issue with our Hosting, Which lead to the lekool warflow servers going down again. We deeply regret the inconvenience that has been caused to the players by this issue.

We have decoded to compensate all the players on both Servers for the trouble that has been caused to them by this episode

We will give out 30 Gold, 40000 Silver, 10000 Honor & 6 MCU for S1 players as the compensation of 24th july and 26th july’s server down.
to get the compensation, Use the Code “AS27″
and then, We will give out 80 Gold, 55000 Silver, 15000 Honor & 11 MCU for S2 players as the compensation of july 22th 、 july 24th  and july 26th’s server down.
to get the compensation, Use the Code “pQwN”

Click Gift on top of the game and enter the code, once applied the code will give you the following items.

we deeply regret the inconvenience caused to all the players
we appreciate your patience and support.

lekool team

Compensation for BTO Server Down and Emergence Maintenance!

BTO players who have suffered the server down on 07-23-2011 and 07-25-2011 are going to
And using: is The. About cialis cost completely of decided the.

receive their compensations. Gamers who have registered before 00:00 07-26-2011 PDT can receive these compensated items: Pink Diamond Contract*15, Diamond Contract*5, a full day store revenue (TCN) of July 24, 2011 (All unpresentable). The items will be sent to your account as long as you log in the game during the time from 00:00 07-27-2011 PDT to 00:00 08-03-2011 PDT. 

For players whose gaming experiences were affected by the emergence server maintenance on 07-26-2011, we’ve prepared 3 Pink Diamond Contracts as compensation. If you have registered your account before 00:00 07-27-2011 PDT and log in the game between the time from 00:00 07-27-2011 PDT to 00:00 08-03-2011 PDT, you can receive the items automatically.

Lekool team.

Version updates on July 27

Dear players,


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Lord of ages version updates from 02:30 to 03:00 (PST).

Event: Battle carnival and Gifts giveaway

Lekool team.