Version Updates in 31th Aug 2011[LOA]

Dear players,
31/08/2011 version updates from 02:30 to 03:00 (PST).
Bug fixed: Error code 1007029 pops when try to build.
Improvement: The vice host could replace the host if the host has been

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offline for 7 days.
LOA service


A Complete Hero Guide Manual From GM_Cherie

The following heroes are available to recruit in the game once you defeat them

1 Barca
Barca has a Rage Skill (RS), and his troop will accumulate Rage Points(RP). When RP reaches 100, the troop will launch a Rage Assault. Barca’s RS is Circuity. It attacks a single troop in the back of the enemy army and causes disorder so the troop cannot take any actions for 1 round. Circuity is often used to attack the main offensive Hero hiding in the back.

2 Doctore
Doctore has the Rage Skill of RP Leech which attacks a single troop in the back of the enemy and draws all his Rage Points into its master’s troop. RP Leech is often used to attack the main Warlord (Hero with a Rage Skill) hiding in the back.

3 Spartacus
Spartacus has the Rage Skill of Guard which enables the troop to be immune to normal offense and RS offense for a round. Spartacus has effective defense against Distal Units and is good to be located in the front to protect your main offensive Heroes.

4 Biblus
Biblus’ troop type is Scorpions. This is your first Engine Unit which is lifeless and has no Rage Points but their normal offense is powerful. If your Heroes are not well equipped in the early stage, Scorpions make a good offensive troop. P.S. Being bulky and heavy, Engine Unit has a low mobility and may not be well-defensive, you are therefore recommended to locate them in the rear.

5 Attius
Attius’ troop type is Priests. This is your first Support Unit which has no damage power. Priests preach a sermon to all the enemies. When the preach is effective, the influenced troops will go into Fear Status for 3 rounds and will lose soldiers in each round.

6 Pompey
Pompey’s troop type is Raging Bulls, a Support Unit. Raging Bulls harass all the enemies and cause disorder within the enemies if the harassment is effective and the enemies cannot take any actions for 1 round.

7 Obelix
Obelix has the Rage Skill of Sputter which attacks the target and all the enemies around it.

8 Vercingetorix
Vercingetorix has the Rage Skill of Sweep which attacks a whole row of enemies.

9 Asterix
Asterix has the Rage Skill of Piercing which attacks a whole column of enemies.

10 Alcibiades
Alcibiades has the Rage Skill of Total Attack which has a low damage but covers all the enemy troops. Total Attack + Priestess is the most effective combination!

11 Gorgo
Gorgo’s troop type is Priestess, a unique Support Unit. Priestess serves the Warlord well (Hero with a Rage Skill). She chooses and encourages a Warlord with his Rage Points reaching 100 within a short moment as a result. Priestess and Warlord is also a very useful combination.

12 Galen
Galen leads the Medical Corps in the battle who provide treatment to all your troops. They help your Heroes fight better in sustained combat. Research Level and Troop Level are very important to them.

13 Lagos
Lagos’ troop type is Repeating Scorpions, a kind of improved Scorpions which have as good Critical Hit as Scorpions but much higher Damage.

14 Germanus
Germanus’ troop type is Mountain Scorpions, the variant of Scorpions, which does not launch Critical Hits but causes high Damage to the enemies.

15 Ballomar
Ballomar’s troop type is Titans, a special Engine Unit which is highly defensive against normal offense and Rage Skill offense. With low offensive power, they are only a typical defensive troop.

16 Adosinda
Adosinda’s troop type is Heavy Onagers. An Engine Unit which brings high Damage to an entire row of enemies.

17 Alfonso
Alfonso’s troop type is Repeating Ballistas. An Engine Unit which attacks a whole column of enemies and is especially good in handling enemies in T-shaped Array.

18 Arsinoe
Arsinoe’s troop type is Harpers, a Support Unit which increases the Rage Points of all your Warlords while decreasing your enemies’. Higher RP can trigger more powerful Rage Skill offense, so Harpers are very useful in enhancing your RS offense and weakening your enemies’.

19 Ptolemy
Ptolemy has the Rage Skill of RP Burn which depresses the rival Warlords specially. It only hurts the Warlords whose Rage Points (RP) is above 0 and reduce their RP. The reduction is influenced by Ptolemy’s Bravery. RP Burn can deter the rival Warlords from frequently launching Rage Skill offense.

20 Cleopatra
Cleopatra’s troop type is also Harpers. When there are two or more Harper troops in your army, your Warlords will launch a RS offense at least every two rounds.

21 Cunobelinus
Cunobelinus’ troop type is Sappers which attacks a row of enemies. Sappers is your first Tactical Unit which has only Tactical offense. Though not very powerful, the Tactical offense cannot be repulsed even by Titans, a high defense Engine Unit. The Rage Skill of Guard, immune to normal offense and RS offense, cannot repulse Tactical offense too. Tactical offense will not cause a rise in the enemy’s RP.

22 Cartimandua
Cartimandua’s troop is Venom, a Tactical Unit, which attacks a column of enemies.

23 Boudica
Boudica’s troop type is Greek Fire, a Tactical Unit which attacks a single troop with high hit-rate and destructive power.

24 Hasdrubal
Hasdrubal has the Rage Skill of Strike which attacks all the enemy troops. Though its attack is less powerful than Total Hit, it has a chance to create disorder within the enemies for 1 round. However, strong enemies may still lose the war to Heroes with the Rage Skill of Strike.

25 Hannibal
Hannibal has the Rage Skill of Instigate which adds all the defected soldiers of the enemy to your Hero’s troop and thus he can replenish the soldiers even when he has lost most of them. In this way both his offense and defense are strengthened. The Hero with Instigate is good to be located in the front.

26 Jugurth
Jugurth has the Rage Skill of High-Spirit whose offense can be launched continuously. After the RS offense is carried out, the Rage Points of the Hero stays at 100 instead of returning to 0, enabling the Hero to launch offense immediately in the next round. In this way there will be a RS offense in every following round. High-Spirit troop is a very reliable and stable troop of offense.

27 Gauda
Gauda has the Rage Skill of Attached Hit which has a chance to launch another assault after the first hit.

28 Mithridates
Mithridates has the Rage Skill of Collide which has physical damage attached with its assault. The Hero’s Weapon, Horse and Leadership Points all have an influence on its power.

29 Artaxias
Artaxias has the Rage Skill of Anger which has greater power when soldiers are less. When only few soldiers survive, the offense of the Rage Skill can be dreadful. Heroes with Anger are fit to be in the front of array to confront the enemies.

30 Philip
Philip has the Rage Skill of Sacrifice which has an unparalleled striking power. No offense of other Rage Skills can rival the one of Sacrifice. However, the offense has a side effect that every time the Hero launches an assault, he himself will be hurt too.

31 Arsaces
Arsaces has the Rage Skill of Testudo which can also launch RS offense continuously. Its offense may not be powerful, but the troop will go into Testudo status afterwards and will have high defense against many attacks.

32 Louise
Louise has the Rage Skill of Shield Wall which is also a continuous Rage Skill like Testudo. After Shield Wall is carried out, the troop will go into a fight-back status and will have excellent Block power. Shield Wall can be specially used to encounter Engine Units of the enemy.

33 Michael
Michael has the Rage Skill of Speech, a special RS which will not cause any damage to the enemies but will drastically increase the Rage Points of all your Warlords. Speech + 2 Harpers + 2 Warlords is a very useful combination.

34 Temuchin
Temuchin has the Rage Skill of Repeating Instigate, a continuous RS also. It has physical damage attached with its offense and will cause the rival soldiers defecting and running away. Part of the defected soldiers will join your Hero’s troop. The Hero’s Weapon, Horse and Leadership Points all have an influence on the power of Repeating Instigate.

35 Antiochus
Antiochus has the Rage Skill of Repeating Collide which has a similar function with Collide. However, it is a continuous Rage Skill while Collide is not.

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[FAQs] Lekool Call of RomaEquipments Guides

The Senate has sent another messenger to guide our mighty Lords

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in their quest to

the thieves and bandits out of the empire!
Here , come the
messenger with data on the new hardcore equipmemnt stats!

Click to see full size:

For more info please refer to our thread:

For info on other Equipments:

[Ninjawaz – info] Player Builds


Stats: Constitution, Defense, Stamina, Block.

Villages: Fire,



Static Field, Flying Thunder God, Substitution Tech, Wind Storm Array, Great Strength, Pre-Healing Jutsu
Mud wall, Great Mud River, Substitution Tech, Assassinate, Puppet, Great Strength
Liquor, Sunset, Balsam, Fireball, Wind Storm Array, Detonating Clay.
Mist-Hide, Wind Storm Array, Great Strength, Giant Waterfall, Substitution Tech, Assassinate


Stats: Strength, Agility, Critical

Villages: Wind, Water, Thunder, Earth


Sunset, Bloodboil, Gale Palm, Thunderfall, Chidori, Detonating Clay
Liquor, Balsam, Fireball, Puppet, Great Strength, Chidori
Cursed Seal of Heaven, Mist-Hide, Bloodlust, Gale Palm, Rasengan, Great Strength
Crystal Blade, Detonating Clay, Great Strength, Lotus Skill, Bomb, Chidori
Crystal Blade, Detonating Clay, Lotus Skill, Chidori, Rasengan, Cursed Seal of Heaven


Stats: Speed, Agility, Attack, Critical

Villages: Wind, Thunder, Earth


Eight Inner Gates, Quick Step, Great Strength, Thunderfall, Great Mud River, Chidori
Quick Step, Great Strength, Assasinate, Mystical Palm Technique, Gale Palm, Thunderfall
Cursed Seal of Heaven, Eight Inner Gates, Rasengan, Chidori, Substitution Tech, Lotus Skill
Detonating Clay, Puppet, Quickstep, Great Strength, Lotus Skill, Thunderfall
Quick Step, Thunderfall, Great Mud River, Detonating Clay, Great Strength, Chidori


Stats: Attack, Agility, Hit, Health, Crit, Dodge, Block

Villages: Water, Fire


Mist Hide, Cursed Seal of Heaven, Assassinate, Pre-Healing Jutsu, Great Strength, Dead Demon Consuming Seal
Sunset, Bloodlust, Chidori, Balsam, Windstorm Array, Static Field.
Mist Hide, Crystal Blade, Giant Waterfall, Earth Prison, Windstorm Array, Substitution Tech
Bloodlust, Cursed Seal of Heaven, Mist Hide, Rasengan, Chidori, Lotus Skill
Mist Hide, Mud Wall, Windstorm Array, Cursed seal of Heaven, Giant Waterfall, Detonating Clay


Stats: Attack, Hit, Crit, Speed

Villages: Fire


Bloodboil, Balsam, Sunset, Fireball, Gale Palm, Clay bombs
Bloodboil, Sunset, Cursed seal of heaven, Flying thunder god, Rasengan, Windstorm array
Bloodboil, Liquor, Balsam, Fireball, Chidori, Puppet
Bloodboil, Cursed seal of heaven, Great mud river, Chidori, Thunderfall, Gale palm
Bloodboil, Cursed Seal of Heaven, Liquor, Sunset, Fireball, Quickstep


Stats: Health, Constitution, Speed.

Villages: Fire, Wind


Eight Gates, Chakra blade, Great strength, death mirage illusion, Eight trigram palm, Dead Demon consuming seal
Chakra Blade, Crystal blade, Earth prison, Giant Waterfall, Assasinate, Mist-Hide
Chakra Blade, Death Mirage Jutsu, Puppet, Quickstep, Gale Palm, Windstorm array
Eight trigram Palm, Death mirage Jutsu, Quickstep, Chakra blade, Substitute, Tailed beast heart


Stats: Hit, Stamina, Attack, Speed

Villages: Fire, Water, Thunder


Liquor, Balsam, Death Mirage Jutsu, Puppet, Dead Consuming seal, Great Strength
Death Mirage Jutsu, Puppet, Eight Gates, Quickstep, Mud Wall, Windstorm array
Static Shield, Flying Thunder God, Death Mirage Jutsu, Great Strength, Assassinate, Mud Wall
Liquor, Fireball, Puppet, Death Mirage Jutsu, Detonating Clay, Flying Thunder God


Stats: Attack, Damage, Stamina, Speed

Villages: ALL


Cursed Seal, Rebirth, Rasengan, Bloodboil, Bomb, Windstorm Array


[Ninjawaz – Info] Synthesis Formulas


Synthesizing cost 10 stones plus an additional 10 stones for every time you use it, but every day the cost resets back to 10

0s = items with synthesis value 21 or lower;
1s = items with synthesis value between 22 to 30;
2s = items with synthesis value between 31 to 38 or a pet30;
3s = items with synthesis value between 39 to 45 or a pet40;
4s = items with synthesis value of 46 and above;
Bounded items cannot be unbounded
To fuse an unbounded item, you must have unbounded items on the main item and both catalyst, or else the final outcome will be a bound item:


*(Beer) + (1s) + (1s) = (1.6x EXP Mark (90%))
*(Beer) + (Anonymous name card) + (1s) = (1.6x EXP Mark (80%))
*(Riceball) + 2s + 2s = (1.6x EXP Mark (60%))
*(Sausage) + 2s + 2s = (1.6x EXP Mark (60%))
*(Sausage) + 2s + 2s = (Roast Pig)
*(Roast Pig) + 2s + 2s = (Whole Wheat Bread)
*(Eternal Focus potion(any type)) + (1s) + (1s) = (Konoha Arcanum)
*(Konoha Arcanum) + (1s) + (1s) = (Toad Arcanum)
*(Pet food from shop) + (1s) + (1s) = (Another pet food (could be one with greater feeding value))
*(Premium Chakra Candy) + 2s + 2s = (Curry Beef Rice)
*(Grocery pet food (any)) + (Grocery pet food) + (Grocery pet food) = (eggplant)
*(eggplant) + (eggplant) + (eggplant) = (corn )
*(Kebab) + 2s + 2s = (Sushi)
*(eggplant) + (1s) + (1s) = (pepper)
*(corn) + (corn) + (corn) = (pepper (180 hunger))
*(pepper) + (pepper) + (pepper) = (pepper)
*(corn) + (1s) + (1s) = (pepper / low chance for another food)
*(Grocery Store Food )+ 1S + 1S =( Chili (99%))
*(Chili) + 2s + 2s = (Watermelon (55%))
*(Apple)+2s+2s=(1.6 exp mark(blue)) 100%


Grey Suit
Grey Suit + 1s + 1s = blue suit (40%)
Grey Suit + 2s + 2s = Blue Suit (70%)

Blue Suit
Blue Suit + Blue Suit + Blue Suit = Orange Suit (40%)
Blue Suit + 2s + 2s = orange Suit (20%)
Blue Suit + Blue Suit + 3s = orange suit (70%)
Blue Suit + 3s + 3s = orange Suit (80%)
Blue Suit + 3s + Lucky Gem = Orange Suit (90%)
Blue Suit + Annonymous Name Card + Annonymous Name Card = Grey Suit (90%)
Blue Suit + 4s+Lucky Gem = orange suits

Orange Suit
Blue Suit + 2S + 3S = Orange Suit (30%)
Blue Suit + 3S + 3S = Orange Suit (60%)
Blue Suit + 3S + Lucky Gem = Orange Suit (70%)
Orange Suit + 1S + 1S = Orange Suit (90%)
Orange Suit + 2S + 2S = Orange Suit (100%)


2 Stat blue Equip
1s + 1s + 1s = 2s (40%)
1s + pet30 + pet30 = 2s (80%)
1s + 1s + 1.6x EXP Mark = 2s (60%)
2s + 1s + 1s = 2s (99%)

3 Stat Orange Equip
2s + 2s + 2s = 3s (20%)
3s + 1s + 1s = 3s (90%)

4 Stat Gold Equip
3s + 2s + 2s = 4s (20%)
3s + 3s + Lucky Gem = 4s (25%)
3s + Lucky Gem + 1s = 4s (30%)
3s + Orange Suit + 2s = 4s (90%)
3s+ Orange Suit + Blue Suit = 4s (65%)
3s + 2s + (52 Syn value)National Cup trophie = 4s (70%)
4s + 30 Syn Value Pet + 30 Syn Value Pet = 4s (70%) 30 Syn Value Pet can be replaced with any Level 1 Gem
4s + 1s + 1s = 4s (80%)
4s + 1s + 2s = 4s (80%) 2s Can be replaced with enchantment Gem


pet30 + (0s) + (0s) = (Another pet30)
pet30 + (1s) + (1s) = (Another pet30)
pet30 + 2s + 2s = (pet40 (30%))
pet30 + 3s + 3s = (pet40 (60%))
pet40 + (1s) + (1s) = (Another pet40 (100%))
pet30 + (Sync value 1-8) + (Sync value 1-8) = (Vulture)
pet40 + (Sync value 1-8) + (Sync value 1-8) = (pet30)
The 1-8 Sync value items can be anything from food to the Disassebly scrolls!


Anonymous Namecard + 1s + 2s = Hand Grenade (50%)
Anonymous Namecard + 2s + 2s = Hand Grenade (70%)
Hand Gernade+2s+2s=Demon Proof (60%)
(Anonymous Card) + (Anonymous Card) + (Anonymous Card) = (Anonymous Card Folder)
(Weapon) + (Weapon disassembler) + (Weapon Disassembler) = (Iron Ore)
(Armor) + (Armor Disassembler) + (Armor Disassembler) = (Iron Ore)
(Accessory) + (Accessory DIsassembler) + (Acessory Disassembler) = (Iron Ore)
(Weapon) + ((Weapon)Mystery Disassembler) + (Hand Grenade) = (Rare Iron Ore (100%))
(Armor) + ((Armor)Mystery Disassembler) + (Hand Grenade) = (Rare Iron Ore (100%))
(Accessory) + ((Accessory)Mystery Disassembler) + (Hand Grenade) = (Rare Iron Ore (100%))


Page 1 can be obtained in the Item Shop.
Pages 2, 3, and 4 can be obtained through either:

p1 + p1 + p1
p1 + Annonymous Namecard + Annonymous Namecard
(Note: Page obtained will be random.) p1 = Page 1

p1 + p2 + p3 = v1
p1 + p2 + p4 = v2
p1 + p3 + p4 = v3
p2 + p1 + p3 = v4
p2 + p1 + p4 = v5
p2 + p3 + p4 = v6
p3 + p1 + p2 = v7
p3 + p1 + p4 = v8
p3 + p2 + p4 = v9
p4 + p1 + p3 = v10
p4 + p1 + p2 = v11
p4 + p2 + p3 = v12