Prepare Yourself for the Halloween Carnival! It is time!

After the maintenance on October 27, BTO players will see A BIG HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL waitingahead! 

Adventure! Treasure!

Haunted House! Trick

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or Treat!

Fabulous Masks and Emblems! (more…)

Enlighten the Haunted House!

Come on! Test your bravery and luck! Get a good scare and a pretty surprise!




EventDuration: After the maintenance on 10-27-2011 PDT to 11-07-2011 18:50 PDT


Halloweenis coming, and Liberty City prepares a series ofactivities for midnight carnival.

Asfor the most overwhelming event, of course, it is the Haunted House Adventure!

Speciallydesigned for our tycoons, the house will definitely terrify even the mostseasoned goer! In every room that needs to be lightened, lots of treasures arewaiting for you!



During the event, player has to enlighten all thewindows of the Haunted House by finishing all the tasks in each room.

There are 9 rooms in the house, andyou need to enlighten them from No.1 to No. 9, which are already marked in thepicture above.



1. Player has to finish all the tasks in one roombefore entering next one.

2. Tasks in the same room need NOT to be finished in order.

3. The accumulation period for tasks with an“accumulated” is from the maintenance on 10-24-2011 PDT to 11-07-2011 18:50PDT.

4. Player can score 500 points for theaccomplishment of each task.


Rewards (all unpresentable)


Room Room  Rewards
Room 1 MysteryEmployee  Card* 1

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*5

Superb Gem*5

Advanced  Starstone*10

Jewel Bag*5

Intensive  Stone Bag*1

Mask Card*1

Fancy  Animal Card*1

Room 2 500 Gold Super  Employee Card* 2

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*10

Superb Gem*10

Advanced  Starstone*10

Jewel Bag*10

Intensive  Stone Bag*3

Super Attire  Card*2

Fancy  Animal Card*1

Room 3 4000 Gold Super  Employee Card* 5

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*15

Superb Gem*20

Advanced  Starstone*20

Jewel Bag*20

Intensive  Stone Bag*3

Super Attire  Card*5

Fancy Animal  Card 

Ghost Mask*1

Room 4 8000 Gold Super  Employee Card* 6

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*15

Superb Gem*30

Advanced  Starstone*30

Jewel Bag*20

Intensive  Stone Bag*3

Lv 5 Pony  Card*2

Fancy Animal  Card 

Super  Attire Card*5

Room 5 12000 Gold Super  Employee Card* 7

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*20

Superb Gem*50

Advanced  Starstone*40

Jewel Bag*20

Intensive  Stone Bag*3

Lv 6 Pony  Card *1

Ray Helmet *1

Vampire Mask*1

Room 6 18000 Gold Super  Employee Card* 8

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*20

Superb Gem*60

Advanced  Starstone*50

Jewel Bag*20

Intensive  Stone Bag*4

Lv 6 Talent Book  *1

Ray Armor *1

Super Attire  Card*5

Room 7 22000 Gold Super  Employee Card* 9

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*20

Superb Gem*80

Advanced  Starstone*60

Jewel Bag*30

Intensive  Stone Bag*5

Lv 7 Talent Book  *1

Subject Quintessence Pack  *1

Death Mask*1

Room 8 30000 Gold Super  Employee Card* 10

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*20

Polar Night*1

Advanced  Starstone*80

Jewel Bag*30

Intensive  Stone Bag*6

Lv 7 Talent Book  *1

Subject Quintessence Pack  *1

Orange  Soul Fragment *300

Room 9 60000 Gold Subject Quintessence Pack  *2

Lv 7 Talent Book  *1

Night Elf*1

Satan Mask*1



New Items




Name Description Effect
Ghost Mask A mask designed to imitate ghost.  It is a common mask for Halloween party. Effect 1: Increases company  revenue by 50%

Effect 2: Increases the rate of  gaining Store Upgrade Points by 25%

Cap of stacking effect: 50%

Vampire Mask A mask designed to imitate  vampire. It is a graceful and mysterious mask for Halloween party.
Death Mask A mask designed to imitate Death.  With Death’s cap and scythe, it is a vivid mask for Halloween party.
Satan Mask A mask designed to imitate Satan.  It is an evil mask with demon smile for Halloween party.


1. There are two kinds of Vampire Masks, which willbe given according to player’s gender.

2. All the masks above, Ghost Mask, Vampire Mask, Death Mask& Satan Mask, share the same attribution with Chinese Imperial Raiment.

3. The effect will not be reduced ifplayer use any mask above together with Chinese Imperial Raiment.


Name Description Effect
Subject Quintessence A record of tycoon’s valuable  experience oncertain subject. The precious
perception is a great help for your subject research.
Get one level up for your subject  research after use.


Name Description Effect
Night Elf


Low key but high quality, it likes  a night elf travelling through darkness. Effect 1: Reduce routine recharge  time by 90%

Effect 2: Reduce routine duration  by 90%

Effect 3: Increases store revenue  by 85%

Effect 4: Accelerate goods  production by 85%

Effect 5: Increase raw material  supply rate by 85%

Polar Night



As a condensation of the night  shadow, the emblem alwaystwinkles with a dim light. Effect 1: Increases store revenue  by 325%

Effect 2: Increases daily quests  rewards by 325%

Make a gift of candies, hands stay lingering sweetness! Generous Tycoon Rank!

Event Duration: After the maintenance on 10-27-2011 PDT to 10-31-2011 18:50 PDT


There is a one-week rank in Central Square— Generous Tycoon Rank.

Server RankRules

The score is equal to the Gold value of Candy Roll/ Candy Box/ Candy Bag/ Candy Basket used (1 Gold = 1 Point).Discounted items scoresaccording to its bargained price. Top 10 players will receive rewards after theevent is over. For players of equal scores, the one who first reaches thescores will be the winner.


Server Rank


Rank Score Rewards  (All unpresentable)
Champion 5000 Super Employee Card*1, Dealer’s Letter*20, Superb  Gem*20, Physical Conditioner*20, Store Upgrade Coupon*100
Runner-Up 3000 Super Employee Card*1, Dealer’s Letter*10, Superb  Gem*10, Physical Conditioner*10, Store Upgrade Coupon*80
3rd Place 2000 Super Employee Card*1, Dealer’s Letter*10, Superb  Gem*5, Physical Conditioner*5, Store Upgrade Coupon*50
4 to 10 500 Super Employee Card Fragment*5, Dealer’s Letter*5,  Physical Conditioner*5, Store Upgrade Coupon*30

Notes: The rewards can be receivedduring 2011-10-31 19:10:00 to 2011-11-07 18:50:00. Winners who fail to receivetheir rewards within 7 days will forfeit their rewards.



Notice: Lekool GAME Teamreserves all rights to explain or alter this event.


Lekool GAME Team

October 28, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!

Store your Halloween candies NOW! They might not only flatter the kids, but also surprise yourself!
1.jpgEvent Duration: After the maintenance on 10-27-2011 PDT to 11-07-2011 18:50 PDT Infected by the Halloween carnival atmosphere, agroup of elves has been attracted into Liberty City. They are very interestedin “trick-or-treat” game. Thus they will imitate all the knockings and yellingsto ask for candies. Well, this time, unlike the naughty kids, elves willtreat you in return with unexpected gifts! And all the items inside areprecious collection of magic spirits!Wanna to get the super gifts from elves?Store your Halloween candies right now!

Player can treat the elves with candies from CandyRoll/Candy Box/Candy Bag/Candy Basket and get a gift in return for being ahospitable friend. Check more details in the following list:

Candies Obtain Candies Consumption Rewards
Candy Roll: 10 Gold / +10 Candies Good treat: cost 10 Candies 1
Candy Box: 100 Gold
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/ +100 Candies

Friendly treat: cost 100 Candies 10
Candy Bag: 500 Gold / +500 Candies Warmly treat: cost 500 Candies 50
Candy Basket: 2000 Gold / +2000 Candies Generous treat: cost 2000 Candies 200

Rewards List
GenerousTycoon RankForthe most generous tycoons, elves prepared super rewards! To see more detail by clicking here: To see more detail by clicking here: GenerousTycoon Rank
Lekool team.

Edragon Halloween Celebrations


Event One:

Rosetta Stone Giveaway
Duration: 10.27 – 11.2
During the event, the playerwins TWO Rosetta Stones as the reward every time he clears the instance. (Tour in the instancedoesn’t make valid in this event.)

Event Two:

Double exp in Monster Slayer
Duration: 10.27 – 11.2
During the event, the player enjoys double expgain in monster slayer, and exp buff counts to gainmore exp!

Event Three:

Halftime for Petshop Update
Duration: 10.27 – 11.2
During the event, the time for petshop updates halves.(1 hour in the event, normally 2 hours)

Event Four:

Halloween Masquerade
Duration: 10.27 – 11.2
During the event, the cost for changing character name havles.(50 gold in the event, normally 100 gold)

Event Five:

Purchase Giveaway Now and Win Red&Purple Pet!
Duration: 10.27 – 11.2
Big giveaway you can not miss!

During the event, besides default bonus for gold purchase,

for One minimum purchase of 180 Gold, we give 1,000,000coins as the bonus!
for One minimum

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purchase of 300 Gold, we give 2,000,000coins + 2 Amethyst as the bonus!
for One minimum purchase of 600 Gold, we give 2,000,000coins + 3 Amethyst + 2 Jade as the bonus!
for One minimum purchase of 1,800 Gold, we give 3,000,000coins + 10 Amethyst + 6 Jade as the bonus!
for One minimum purchase of 3,000 Gold, we give 5,000,000coins + 20 Amethyst + 12 Jade +One purple petyou nominate as the bonus!
for One minimum purchase of 6,000 Gold, we give 12,000,000coins + 50 Amethyst + 30 Jade +One purple petyou nominate + One red pet you nominate as the bonus!












1. One chance of the giveaway for each account.
2. The giveaway shall be sent within 3 business days after the event expires.The egg shall be sent to the bag directly, please clear the bag to make roomfor the egg in advance.
3. The amount of Gold purchase to make valid in the event shall be made in onesingle purchase and shall NOT accumulate by multiple purchases.
4. Please contact GM to tell the name of the

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pet you want if you meet therequirements in this event.

Lekool Team