[Game Updates]Dragons Call II ; Championship, the Return of the King!

Coming Real Soon : Championship, the Return of the King!
Are you still pondering on the colorful and shocking experience brought by the last update? Taking it easy and the bigger surprise is coming! This update aims at enriching the play points when players compete with each other and adds the system of free PK and competition. With the battle system’s appearance changed, players are led into a brand new fighting atmosphere. The details are introduced for you now!

Highlight 1: Championship, the return of the king! (more…)

[Game Updates] CoG Awesome New Game Updates!

Thursday January 24th, 19:00-19:30 PST (server time)

Updates Content:

1. “Big discount on Wheel” event has been extended for one more week.

2. “Transmute items and get rewarded” event has ended. But there is still 20% discount on advanced transmutation this week.

3. Double Exp week – Link: http://forum.lekool.com/viewthread.php?tid=22816

4. The drop rate in all dungeons above level 70 has been increased.

5. Two piece of new equipment can be looted from 110 and 120 dungeons. (more…)