[News] Lekool MMO RTS Warflow Server 3 launch

Lekool Inc. (http://www.lekool.com) is a fast growing publisher of online browser based games, with the sole aim to provide a fun and joyous environment to the growing online gaming community. lekool games has always believed in pushing the boundaries of online gaming, for our 4 million plus players by bringing the best and most exciting games available.

After the very successful launch of Odin Quest, lekool games brings you a brand new server for Warflow named “Divulgence”, Warflow is real-time strategy game th
at includes traditional MMORTS features like City building, Hero Management, resource management and battles.

Warflow New Server “Divulgence” Launches on 20th February 2013 at 7:00 PM PST (more…)

[News] Lekool MMO RTS Browser Game Senatry Server 4 launch

Lekool games (http://www.lekool.com) announces the launch of its new server of the MMO RTS Browser Game Senatry: Regillus. The new server will be a GMT +8 server to cater to lekool’s growing Asian population.

Regillus (Senatry server 4) will officially launch to all the players on 19th November 2012 at 7:00 PM PST

Server Launch Events:  http://forum.lekool.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=311


Get Pumpkin Mask Card from Ghosts & Big Sale on Candies in BTO Maintenance – October 31

Get Pumpkin Mask Card from Ghosts & Big Sale on Candies – October 31

In order to provide every tycoon with a smooth, stable and quality gamingenvironment, we will be shutting down all servers and implementing routine maintenanceon 10-31-2011 19:00 PDT to 10-31-2011 22:00 PDT. Thisdowntime will allow us to optimize and improve the Business Tycoon Online aswell as implement new features and events into BTO. 

Ifmaintenance fails to be completed on time, the availability of the game may bedelayed accordingly. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this and weappreciate your support and cooperation!


Save Your Money

1. Daily Gift Packages forYour Charge & Consumption!

2.Super Construction Package!

3. Three-Day Big Sale on candies!



1. Give More, Gain More! GenerousTycoon Rank!

2. Show Us Your MostUnique Dance in Halloween MasqueradeRank!



1. Horse equip upgradation

All the upgradations without a check of “Autoupgradation” are defaulted to consume 1 Starstone to upgrade. Thedialogue boxWithout option” will not pop up any more.

2.A new icon “Gift Pack” has been added in My Items. By clicking it, player cancheck all the gift packages received.


1. Get Animal Card in Halloween Package!

2. Listen to the Ghosts and GetPumpkin Mask Card!


Tips: If you cannot see the newcontents after routine maintenance, please clear the browsing data

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