[News] DC 2 Version 1.92, New Level Limit : Lv 120

Hi, Our dear adventurers in Dragon’s World:
Have you already been bored with the level limit and become tired of kicking your heels? And have you already tired of watching the old maps or fighting the old instances then hope something will happen in this world? The 1.92 version is coming! It brings the new lv110 city map and new instances, new quests; also, the new level limit—lv120. Let’s continue our adventure of journey!

Maintenance for Version 1.92 will start at July 14th, 23:00 [PDT TIME]  (more…)

[Event] FOS Christmas Events

fos.gifEVENT 1

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Dec 22nd – Dec. 29th PST
EVENT DETAIL: During the event time, post your Christmas wishes to your

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friends, gamers, or FOS lekool staff in this thread (more…)

Ensured Escape, Imperial Seal! They are all here for you

When is the best to timing to show your gratitude to your friends, your partner? Of course it is in Thanksgiving. We
bear the same understating with you, so in order to tanks for your continuous support to WarFlow, we have decided to offer you Extra Gold (more 30% than current), Silver (4 times of current), Honor (4 times of current), MCU (4 times of current)and Excellent Props during thanksgiving. Wish you a happen a happy Thanksgiving Day in advance.Event Duration:After the maintenance on 11-23 to 11 25 23:59:59 PST. (more…)

[November Events]Recharge & win Dragon Soul Sets

Recharge , Dragon SoulSets at your hand.

Event Time : 11th November to 13th November (GMT+1 time)


Requirements (Single pay) Rewards
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Primary Ninja Chest(Toad Arcanum *2、Little Beans *1)

300Gold Senior Ninja Chest Orange Outfit Wishing Pot *1、Toad Arcanum *2)+seals *3
500Gold Shikamaru’s Tool BagOrange Outfit Wishing Pot*2、Sage’s panacea *5)+seals *6
1000Gold Ishida’s ToolboxOrange Outfit Wishing Pot *4、Advanced Sage Panacea *1、lv10Stone Bag *1+Safety Talisman *3+seals *10
3000Gold Kakashi’s CollectionOrange Outfit Wishing Pot*8、Sage’s panacea *5、Advanced Sage Panacea *1、Pet Skill Book Chest *1、lv10Stone Bag*5)+Tailed Beast Essence *2+Safety Talisman *5+seals *12
5000Gold Sakura’s Love SuiteOrange Outfit Wishing Pot *12、Advanced Sage Panacea *2、Pet Skill Book Chest * 1、Common Valhalla Crystal *30、Gold Equipment Chest 7*1)+Tailed Beast Essence *2+Spirit Creature’s Soul *1+Safety Talisman *10+seals *15
10000Gold Aizen’s Crumbling Orb EssenceOrange Outfit Wishing Pot*15、Advanced Sage Panacea *3、Pet Skill Book Chest *1、Common Valhalla Crystal *75、Pet Egg gift box *1、Gold Equipment Chest 7*2、Zodiac Box *1)+Dragon soul Pack *1+Safety Talisman *5+seals *20
30000Gold Urahara Shop’s CouponOrange Outfit Wishing Pot*20、Advanced Sage Panacea *5、Pet Skill Book Chest *2、Perfect Enchantment Stone Box *2、Pet Egg gift box *2、Gold Equipment Chest 7*5、Zodiac Box *1)+Dragon soul Pack *3+Safety Talisman *10+seals *50+Azure Dragonling Pack *1


Dragon Soul Sets:

Dragon Soul Armor.jpg Gragon Soul Ring.jpg
Dragon Soul Claw.jpg Dragon Soul Boots.jpg

Dragon Soul Gloves.jpg Dragon Soul Hammer.jpg

Dragon Soul Sword.jpg Dragon Soul Helm.jpg

Dragon Soul Talisman.jpg Dragon Soul Belt.jpg

Accumulated amount of Gold reaches 1888 Gold ,Gain Midsize Beans *3
Accumulated amount of Gold reaches 3888 Gold, Gain Legend Wishing Pot *2、Tailed Beast Essence *1、Midsize Beans *5
Accumulated amount of Gold reaches 8888 Gold ,Gain Azure Dragon +0*1、Midsize Beans *10、Ferocious[E]
Accumulated amount of Gold reaches 18888 Gold ,Gain Kyuubi Naruto +0*1、Azure Dragon +0*10、Ferocious[E]
Accumulated amount of Gold reaches 38888 Gold ,Gain Dragon soul Equipment*1、Azure Dragon +0*10、Ferocious[E]
Accumulated amount of Gold reaches 58888 Gold ,Gain Dragon soul Equipment *2、Azure Dragon +0*20、Ferocious[E]
Accumulated amount of Gold reaches 88888 Gold ,Gain one Dragon soul Equipment *3、Azure Dragon +27*1、Dark Wing Fledging +27*1、Ferocious[E]

Warm Tips :
1. You can claim the Recharge rewards which are bound at “ Coupon” directly if you meet the requirements of this event.
2.During event , each qualified account can get one Gift pack which is the highest pack according to the range of the single pay pack you met . There is no limit for claiming single pay gift pack .
3.The rewards for Accumulated Gold Purchase will be sent out in three working days at the end of the event.

Lekool Team.