Grand Banquet for You, the King of WarFlow!

It is you who made the history of WarFlow!It is you who drive us to glory!

It is you whom we should show our great gratitude to!


Duration: From the end of maintenance on November 22 to 23:00 November 29 PST

To celebrate the Thanksgiving Day and show the gratitude, Dovo prepared a grand banquet for you. In the banquet, several special properties are introduced, including The Thanksgiving Bag, the
Thanksgiving Box and The
Carnival Box. From those properties, you will have chance to get powerful equipment such as purple equipment and orange equipment.

Then, in what ways could you get those valuable properties? You can have a access to the event by following the information in the screenshot:

Then, I will introduce you the three special props in the event on by one:1. To Get Thanksgiving Bag
Here are the ways to get the Thanksgiving bags:1. To take 5 levies to get a thanksgiving bag;2.
To Use 5 MCUs to get a thanksgiving bag;3. Keep in game for 4 or 8 hours to get a bag;4. Challenge the elite legions to get thanksgiving bags by chance;5. Open the Treasure Map to get thanksgiving bag
Note:The statistics about the Levy and MCU you take in a day and the time you keep in game will be reset at 05:00. You can have the information in the black frame on the screenshot.Then, open the bag you got and you get one kind of rewards in the following table (just one kind, not all):
2. To Get Thanksgiving BoxThere are two ways for you to get the Thanksgiving Box.2.1 Open the Thanksgiving Bag to get the Thanksgiving Box by chance.

2.2 There is a shortcut to get the Thanksgiving Box. You can use 40 gold to purchase it in shop. Here is the screenshot of the purchase.
Then, open the thanksgiving box and you will get one kind of rewards in the following table: wf5.png
3. To Get the Carnival BoxTo get 1 Carnival Box, you need 5 Carnival Box fragment. There are two ways for you to get the Fr.:3.1. You can get 1 Fr. after you open 10 Thanksgiving bag;3.2. You can get 1 Fr. after you open 5 thanksgiving box.  Note:The system will sent you the Fr. or Carnival Box at any time when you meet the requirements. For example,
If you successfully get a Carnival Box, open it and you will get one kind of rewards in the following table:  4. Other Benefits for Thanksgiving To celebrate the Thanksgiving Day and make the festival more wonderful, we also introduce you some other benefits except for the Grand Banquet. After maintenance on November 22, you will enjoy several benefits as follows:  1. The cap of gold cost in each force levy is 30 gold, which means that it will save you lots of gold to make the force levy; 2. The Honor got by attacking NPC battles and RP got by attacking other players are doubled;  3. The drop rate in NPC battles is doubled;4. The gold used to change the daily quests will decrease by 50%;5. The price of MCU will decrease by 50%;6. The cost of storm attack will decrease by 50% (available for the storm attack against elite legion);  Lekool reserves the right to the interpretation of the above terms. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Enjoy a good time inWarflow!Lekool TEAM

LOX Thanksgiving Event

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day wherein we celebrate precious moments

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together with our family and friends!.. In appreciation for all the players who support Legends of Xian, we’ve come up special events to express our greatest gratitude! So what are you waiting for! Join and have fun…

*First 20 players to post their IGN and server will get 1 aerolite!

Event Time: Nov. 21st – 24th
Event Detail: During the event time, make a Thanksgiving card or a letter for the people to whom you appreciate or want to say thank you (friend, co-player, or lekool staff)


Download (149.87 KB)

yesterday 23:38

Event Reward:
1st prize: class gem box 6 *1, aerolite *1
2nd prize: class gem box 5 *1, aerolite *1
3rd prize: enhancers 5 *1, aerolite *1
all players who submit their entries will get class gem box 4*1 and enhancers 3*1



Download (93.16 KB)

yesterday 23:38

Event time: Nov 21st – Nov 25th
Event Details: During the event time, players who recharge certain amount of gold will win lavish rewards
Event Rewards:

Download (51.6 KB)

yesterday 23:39



Download (56.78 KB)

yesterday 23:39

Have you guys noticed the most beautiful girl in the entire server? Do you think she’s really charming? IF yes, what are you waiting for! Send roses to whom you adore, like and admire! During this event the girl who received most roses will get get precious rewards

Event time: Nov. 23rd – Nov 24th
Reward time: Right after the event

First : Dubhe Fragment 6, Dubhe Fragment 7, Dubhe Fragment 8
Second : Dubhe Fragment 6, Dubhe Fragment 7,
Third : Dubhe Fragment 8
Fourth : Aerolite*3
Fifth : Aerolite*2

1.Only females are count in Flower Rank. Rewards are bound plz claim it in timely manner.
2.Can gain Ascella ,Alkaid or Dubhe fragment by using 1 Aerolite and 10 Tablet of Valor at Forge – Furnace.
3.Those who compete for the flower rank, please don’t transfer gender… Otherwise, no prize will be awarded.


Download (85.24 KB)

yesterday 23:39

Tired of masked bullies, roving bandits, yuan remnants and ninja assassin? Look who’s coming! We’ve set new boss just for you!
Event Time: Nov. 24th
Event Detail: A mysterious boss will appear in random map! And the boss secret identity will be revealed on Nov. 24th .

BOSS: ???
Location: random map
Hero lvl: ???
Soldier lvl: ???
Soldier: ???
Reborn time: ???

Enjoy Special Subsidies Again in Your Private Zoo!

Event Duration: After theroutine maintenance on Nov 7, 2011 PST to Nov 14, 201117:50 PST.

In order to encourage the constructionof private zoo, Mayor Brian decided to carry out a one-week subsidy plan— SpecialSubsidies V2.

Player who has a zoo score reached 500points or above can get a generous (more…)

Feel the Thrill of Hunting in Master Hunter Rank!

Event Duration: After the routine maintenance on Nov 7, 2011 PST to Nov 14, 2011 17:50 PST.


There is a one-week rank in Central Square— Master Hunter Rank.


Server RankRules

The score is equal to the Gold value ofJunior/Medium/Senior/Superb Hunters Contract used (1 Gold = 1 Point).Discounteditems scores according to its bargained price. Top 10players will receiverewards after the event is over. For players of equal scores, the one who firstreaches the scores will be the

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Server Rewards


Rank Score Rewards (All unpresentable)
Champion 5000 Super Employee Card*1, Dealer’s Letter*20, Superb Gem*20, Advanced Starstone*20
Runner-Up 3000 Super Employee Card*1, Dealer’s Letter*10, Superb Gem*10, Advanced Starstone*10
3rd Place 2000 Super Employee Card*1, Dealer’s Letter*10, Superb Gem*5, Advanced Starstone*5
4 to 10 500 Super Employee Card Fragment*5, Dealer’s Letter*5, Advanced Starstone*5

Notes: The rewards can be receivedduring Nov 14, 2011 18:10:00 PST to Nov 21,201117:50:00 PST. Winners who fail to receive their rewards within 7days will forfeit their rewards.

Give More, Gain More! Generous Tycoon Rank!

Event Duration: After the maintenance on 10-31-2011 PDT to 11-07-2011 18:50 PDT


There is a one more week for rank in Central Square— Generous Tycoon Rank.


SingleServer Rank Rules

The score is equal to the Gold value of Candy Roll/ Candy Box/ Candy Bag/ Candy Basket used (1 Gold = 1 Point).Discounted items scoresaccording to its bargained price. Top 10 players will receive rewards after theevent is over. For players of equal scores, the one who first reaches thescores will be the winner.


Single ServerRank


Rank Score Rewards  (All unpresentable)
Champion 5000 Super Employee Card*1, Dealer’s Letter*20, Superb  Gem*20, Physical Conditioner*20, Store Upgrade Coupon*100
Runner-Up 3000 Super Employee Card*1, Dealer’s Letter*10, Superb  Gem*10, Physical Conditioner*10, Store Upgrade Coupon*80
3rd Place 2000 Super Employee Card*1, Dealer’s Letter*10, Superb  Gem*5, Physical Conditioner*5, Store Upgrade Coupon*50
4 to 10 500 Super Employee Card Fragment*5, Dealer’s Letter*5,  Physical Conditioner*5, Store Upgrade Coupon*30

Notes: The rewards can be receivedduring 2011-11-07 19:10:00 to 2011-11-14 18:50:00. Winners who fail to receivetheir rewards within 7 days will forfeit their rewards.