COG Maintenance Notice (Nov 22nd)

Dear players,

The servers 1&2 are going to be performing a maintenance update on Tuesday, November 22rd, 1:00-1:30 PST (server time).The devs have been working hard on bringing in major updates for servers andfixing existing bugs. You won’t be able to log on or play the game during thistime, but AFK training, resource production, etc, will continue as normalthroughout the update. (And this time the update will be so large. If we

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needmore time, we will tell players.)


Thanksgiving Dayevent
One modification
1. Modify the items’tips in wheels
One bug
1. Fixed thelink of announcement


Daily Event

Turnip Match
Name: Turnip Match
Entry Time: 10:00~11:00
Requires: Lv.20
Introduction: All players can attend the turnip match held by the kingdom. Just put the pets into the Turnip

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Garden and let them collect the turnips. Players can increase the pets’ HP to get more turnips by cheering.
Turnip match can not only grant the pet lots of EXP, but also the players the extra Crystal based on the rank. The winner can also get the Achievement.

Guild Arena
Name: Guild Arena
Entry Time: 15:00~16:00
How to Attend: Join a guild
Challenge Requirement: The guild leader can challenge 10 times. Members’ Cheer can increase the challenge tries.
Introduction: It’s a guild battle designed to increase the interactions among the guilds. Players can challenge other guilds to show the Force that will be represented by the squad (For details, please refer to Guild Squad)

Run Run Monster

Name: Run Run Monster
Entry Time: All day
Requires: Lv.35
Introduction: It’s a leisure game. Every 10 Mins, there’ll be 6 monsters racing. Players can spend 10000 Gold betting which monster wins and can have up to 10 bets for each race. The winner will get 50000 Gold.

Treasure Cruise
Name: Treasure Cruise
Entry Time: 8:00~20:00
Requires: Lv.40
Introduction: Players can ship the treasures once, plunder 20 times and escorts 3 times. It takes 20 minutes to complete the cruise: 5 Mins for the preparation and 15 Mins for the sailing, during which other players may plunder you.
You’ll get Gold and items when the ship arrives at the destination. During the cruise, you may be plundered, which will lose the Gold.
Players can refresh the ship level to change the shipping Gold and items and summon the Sea Monster ship by using the item bought in the Ship.

Arrest Warrant
Name: Arrest Warrant
Entry Time: 16:00~17:00
Requires: Lv.20
Introduction: The event is available to Lv.20 players and higher. You can select the character labeled Wanted in the interface to battle and get a chance of capturing him/her. Either you capture them or

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not, you’ll all get the reward: tons of Gold and treasures for the victory and a few Gold, Element or Medal for the failure.

Faction War
Name: Faction War
Entry Time: 20:00~21:00
Requires: Lv.20
Introduction: The event is available to Lv.20 players and higher. Faction War is fighting for the glory between Union and Empire. Individuals can get the Medal and Gold for each battle. The winning side can get 30 Crystals and the losing side can get 10 Crystals at the end of the battle. If it’s a tie, both sides get 10 Crystals.

Daily Divine
There’s a cooldown for the Divine. Each Divine will increase the cooldown by 10 minutes. Draw the magic tarot card to get the unexpected effects!

Mind Quiz
Players can answer some questions to get Gold and Element every day.

[Events May 2012] Guilds’ Strike and Much More!

RS may events.jpg
Event 1:
Guilds’ Strike – Detail

Seems like RS people are working hard on maintaining their guilds, Lets have challenge, We have already taken screenshots of Guilds’ Dev. pt in both servers, simple is that existing dev points would not be counted, we will count more Dev. pts which are gained with in event’s duration! Guild which gains most score will be winner Guild, we will choose two winner guilds from each server, 1 from guild level 1-10 and 1 from guild level 11 – 20 on each server.  (more…)

Routine Maintenance in RichState on Feb. 22

Dear players,

To provide every

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player with a smooth, stable and quality gaming environment, we will shut down all of the servers and implement maintenance on Feb. 22 from 23:00 to 01:00 PST! If maintenance fails to be completed on schedule, the availability of the game may be delayed accordingly.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this and we appreciate your support and cooperation!

Enjoy the game!

Have a Wonderful Valentine’s Day!

It is strongly suggested that you should clear the caches before enjoying the gameafter the maintenance.

1. A Pledge of Love
The Valentine’s Day is coming. An old friend of you, called Nick, come to ask you forhelp for he don’t know gave what presents for his girlfriend. You should help him to make several special presents for his girlfriend. There will be several quests for you to complete to make those presents. 

From the quests, you can win a lot of rewards.

Event Duration: from the end of maintenance to February 15 23:00 PST


2. 5-Day Gift for Extreme Challenge!
Duration: from the end of maintenance to February 15 23:00 PST (7 days in total)

1. Player can get points by using Challenge Ticket. The points are equal to the priceof ticket sold in mall. 1 gold, 1 point!  2. There must be 5 days in each of which you must obtain 300 points or above. Any 5 days during the event are available.
3. The points got in each day will be reset to 0 at 00:00, which means that you must get another 300 points in the following day. Therefore, you should snatch any chance during the 7 days!

If you meet the requirement above, you can get rewards as follows:
Convoy Component Crystal*5
V Card*1 
Note: you can only receive the rewards for 1 time.

3. Gifts for Advanced Further Training!
Here is an event concerning the advanced further training.

Duration: from the end of maintenance to February 15 23:00 PST 

1. You can get points when you take advanced further training. The points you get in an advanced further training are equals to the gold you spend on the training. 
2. With certain amount of points, you can exchange for relevant kind of gift. There are several kinds of gifts. For different points, it will cost you different amount of points. Here is a table to show the details:

Lekool game all right reserved! 

Happy Valentine’s Day
Lekool Team