Once again a new game emerges to bring excitement for all lekool players — WarFlow.

WarFlow is a browser-based real-time strategy game that includes many traditional MMORTS features, including resource management, city building, a hero system, and battle against other players and NPC warlords.

It’s not just another online MMORTS. For starters the game is well balanced and has a great and varied play! It requires teamwork, planning and skills to conquer all. I especially like the part where due to subdivisions you cannot attack and bully the players.  Get strong and build the empire, Conquer the land and rule the world, but building a empire is not a not a piece of cake. A number of things have to be taken into account in WarFlow. You need to be witty and resourceful while governing city and commanding forces. Earn honor points by defeating the NPC forces and use the points to accelerate training and obtain higher rank and more rewards. Purchase good equipments such as steeds and weapons. Build an Economy; Select your hero with care and thought

That’s not all, Join the CB now and win reward for the official commercial launch soon!!  We will have grand prizes such as iPad, iTouch, etc to kick if off. Don’t wait, only a few more days left before the Launch. Get yourself familiar with the game and have a head start!


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