Buildings (II)


In Market players can trade forage with system. The forage price will fluctuate around 1 Silver per forage unit. The daily trade amount will be increased as the Market upgrades. The daily trade amount will be reset daily and after each time you upgrade your Market. You can also use the Black Market option to buy extra Forage, which price is twice higher than the normal price.


You can increase your reserve soldiers in Barracks by Conscripting or Recruiting. By Recruiting you can get a certain amount of soldiers for free but it takes a period of time to cool down. You can use forage to conscript soldiers. The amount of soldiers you can conscript depends on the soldier limit (which is determined by the level of the Barracks) and the amount of Forage you have.


This building is used to stock Forage. The Forage cap will increase as it upgrades.

War Academy

Techs can be developed and upgraded in War Academy. There are two types of Techs: Military Techs and Formations (FRMN). Military Techs can increase the soldier cap of your heroes, efficiency and resistance of Normal, Skill and Strategy attack. Formations will give you various choices to arrange your heroes and give extra attribute to your army. Formations can be upgraded to put on more heroes.

Tax Office

Tax Office will increase the levy efficiency.

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  1. How do u unlock these bldngs? ineed formation upgrade real bad


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