New Heroes! New Battlefields! New Ranks! They Are all Here for You!

After maintenance on November 29, the WarFlow is changed a lot. Several improvements are carried out. Here, I will introduce them for you:

1. New Hero
Here come three new heroes in three different nations. Then, when your RP reach 670000, the three heroes will be available.
Here are the details about the heroes:

Download (94.76 KB)

1 minute ago

If your RP meets the requirement above, please enter the TC page, and click the bottom “promote” to unlock the relevant Hero. Since the RP might decrease as the time goes by, please do it as soon as possible if you are qualified.

2. Rise of the Barbarians
I’d like to introduce you two new territories, Syanbi and Nanyue. Prepare yourself well to win your glory in these territories.

To access to the new territories, you must defeat all the three bosses in Hero Arena, including Neilhence, Lucas, Leokong.

Here are the details about the heroes you can recruit in the new battlefields:

Download (99.59 KB)

1 minute ago

Then, by challenging the heroes or legion in the following table, you will have chance to get powerful equipment as follows:

Download (12.66 KB)

1 minute ago

3. New Level Cap of TC
The level cap of TC will be updated to Lv. 130.

You must defeat Licien in Hailar territory and Ludu in Kinlin territory.

1. Following the TC, the new building and the original building can also be upgraded to higher levels;
2. You can produce higher-level textile after you meet the following requirements:
2.1. Textile Mill is upgraded to Lv. 122;
2.2. The 4th worker who has been reincarnated reaches level 10 again.
3. After the war academy is upgraded to Lv. 130, the totem formation can be upgrade to level 4, and then, you can put 4 totems in the formation.

4. My Setting
The original interface, ‘My Info.’, will be replaced by the interface of ‘My Setting’. In the new interface, you can do something convenient as follows:

1. You can renew your flag name, signature and name or set the protection.
2. Besides, with the setting, you can avoid the confirmation boxes when you remove relevant CD.

5. New Rank
1. Level Rank
The rank is concerning about the TC Level of a player. The higher, the better!
If two players have same level, they will be ranked according to their RP. Then, it is their register time.
Here is a screenshot about the rank:

2. Hostility Rank
The rank is concerning about the hostility points a player possesses.

Hostility is the reason why the color of your city appears from red to purple in the eyes of hostile nations. When you initiate attack and win, you get hostility points. When you were attacked and lost, you lose hostility points. Your hostility points vary for different nations, that is why you are red to this nation and purple to the other nation. The rank is based on the addition of your hostility points for the other hostile nations.

If two players have same hostility, they will be ranked according to their TC level. Then, it is their register time.

6. Teaming
6.1. Connection with Chat Room
To make you team with others easily, a new button called ‘Teaming Invitation’ will be added in the interface of textile, battle and elite legion. Besides, a new button, ‘Apply for trade’, is also added for you in the caravan interface.
Then, if you click those buttons, the teaming messages will be sent to chat room. Other players can join the teams by clicking the messages in the chat room.
6.2. Team Dismissing
There is a countdown for players to dismiss the teams in battle or legion.

7. Adjustment of Heroes’ Skills
1. Increase the success rate of Tortoise Signal’s skill. For example, the success rate of Nation V 750k RP hero Chucksoon’s skill will increase.
2. Increase the frequency of parrying when hero does the Counterattack.
3. Increase the success rate of Summanus Warlock’s skill and its damage.
4. Increase the success rate of Rain Magician’s skill.
5. Increase the damage of Infinite Chase. For example, the success rate of Nation V 700k RP hero Sinyi’s skill will increase.

8. Optimization of Some Operation
1. When you challenge the Elite Legion which had been defeated before, you can directly reach the result by clicking the button ‘Result’.

2. When your take protection, a massage will prompt you that the textile will be unavailable and the protection will go invalid once you initiate an attack.

3. The unread mails will be put in the foremost part of the mail box. Then, you will not miss any important mail that you have not read.

4. If you have no enough soldiers when challenging NPC or other players, the system will warn you that the number of soldiers is not enough.

5. Information about the Emblem level will be added to Legion Info. Interface.

6. When you feed with red tokens or above, there is a box for you to confirm the operation.

7. In the NPC information page, names of possible item drops will be colored to indicate their quality. For example, if you click Zanbo of Lubon map, you could see his item drop would be Dragon King (low odds).

8. A new link is added to the battle result in chat room. Click the massage and you can access to the battle result.

9. The governor of a legion could send groupmail to the members in his legion.

10. You can see the name of the owner in a farm if you are in the same legion with him.

11. More Exp. are returned to you when you fail to upgrade the totem from Brave to Bright or from Bright to Intelligence.

12. The cap of silver and the soldiers increase by 50%.

13. The variation range of magic now is from 50% to 100%; and the variation range of price now is from 90 to 150.

14. If you defeat the final boss in the 1st map of Hero Arena, the battle result will be publicized in the chat room of Nation; if you defeat the final boss of the 3rd map of Hero Arena, Kinlin or Hailer, a massage about your achievement will be sent to All Server channel of chat room. Click the massage, and player can access to the battle result.

lekoolgame Team

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