Special Battles

There are 6 Special Battles located in NPC Powers.
Kingsale (Lloybuke Power) and Fortham (Luisdgar Power) are single-play battles; Swinleigh (Matton Power), Museton (Monhue Power), Huckingham (Huckingham Power), and Kanestoc (Ryeshock Power) are multi-player battles.
The condition for participating in Special Battles is the same as that for participating in NPC Legion battles: After you defeat all the troops of the Power involved, the Special Battle will be unlocked at the upper right corner of the Power’s map.
Battle Settings
1.Required participants
A Special Battle can’t begin when the number of participants doesn’t meet the requirement.
2.Cost of MCUs
Every day, 1 MCU is required for the first time you fight the Special Battle, and for the second time it costs 2 MCUs, and so on. The statistics of MCUs cost for Special Battles refresh at 05:00 AM every day.
3.Cool Down
There is a CD of 10 secs after moving to flatlands; there is a CD of 16 secs after moving to non-flat areas; there is a CD of 30 secs after soldier Supply.
4.Damage to NPC
Attacking NPC troops frontally causes them normal damages;
Attacking NPC troops sideways causes them 110% damages;
Attacking NPC troops from behind causes them 120% damages.
5.Amulets for Special Battles
“S” – “Supply”: Supply CD -50%
“B” – “Boost”: Attack & Defense +20%
“G” – “Guard”: 0 soldier loss when attacking
“M” – “Move”: Moving CD -50%
“B+” – “Boost+”: Attack & Defense +50%, Moving CD +100%
“A” – “Attack”: Attacking CD -50%
PS: The Amulets take effect in your next action and their effects last 2 mins. The effect of a formerly used Amulet will be replaced by a newly used Amulet.
Rewards of Special Battles
Depending on how long a player spends finishing a Special Battle, he will win one of the below 5 titles and be rewarded accordingly:
General: 100% basic Silver, 1 Silver Box
Colonel: 80% basic Silver, 1 Bronze Box
Captain: 60% basic Silver, 1 Iron Box
Sergeant: 40% basic Silver
Cadet: 20% basic Silver
The amounts of basic Silver vary in different Powers:
Lloybuke: 10k Silver
Luisdgar: 12k Silver
Matton: 14k Silver
Monhue: 16k Silver
Ryeshock: 18k Silver
Lubon: 20k Silver

Lekool Team.

MCU (Military Call-Up)

When your level is no higher than 36, only a victorious battle will cost you 1 MCU. From level 36, whether you win or lose, each battle costs you 1 MCU.
MCUs replenish 1 every hour. When you upgrade your Town Center (TC) you will receive an additional MCU. MCUs can also be purchased using Gold.
MCU Cool Down, akin to Builders Cool Down, will increase its duration as you fight more battles. Durations of all Cool Downs will reset at 05.00 AM every day.

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http://forum.lekool.com/viewthread.php?tid=4956 – Guide by xianhu


Attack the target unit and the units next to it.

Attack the target unit and units behind it, with a big chance to cause disorder
of attacked units (Units affected by disorder will not be able to attack
in next round).

Attack the target unit and the morale of attacking unit will increase to 100.

Generate a shockwave to attack a line of units.

Attack all enemy units with a chance to cause disorder (Units affected by disorder
will not be able to attack in next round).

Attack the target unit and steal the morale of it for own use.

Increase the parry effectiveness and attack the target unit.

Increase morale of each own unit by 120.

Attack the target unit. Fewer soldiers will cause bigger damage.

Attack a line of units with normal and skill attack damage. The morale attacking
unit will be boosted to 100.

Give a very high defense to the unit for one round. Damage on the unit will normally
be 1.

Attack the target unit and incite its soldiers to join your army.

Attack the target unit with normal attack damage and supplement your own soldiers.
The morale of the attacking unit will increase to 100.

Attack the target unit with a great damage.

Attack all enemy units.

Attack the target unit with normal attack damage and skill attack damage.
The morale of the attacking unit will increase to 100.

Attack the target unit twice with great damages.

Attack a row of enemy units.

Attack the target unit and put into disorder (Units affected by disorder will
not be able to attack in next round).

Give a vey high defense and 100 morale to the unit and cause normal attack damage.

Attack the target unit with normal and skill attack damage.

Attack the target unit and decrease its morale to 0.

Attack the target unit with a chance to make an extra attack.

Sacrifice your own soldiers to cause a damage on target unit 1.5 times of
your sacrifice.

Attack all enemy units whose morale are above 0 and decrease their morale.

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http://forum.lekool.com/viewthread.php?tid=4965 – Guide by xianhu

Silver Tips

1. Levy: You can levy 12 times (3 more time in summer) per day. The silver amount of each levy is determined by the level of your TC, total level of your Houses, Legion levy tech level, Area Prosperity, Tax Office level and Citizen Loyalty.

2. Force Levy: You can use Gold to force levy. The times of force levy per day are determined by your VIP level.

3. Salary: You can get your daily salary at TC according to your Military Rank. You can donate Honor or attack players of other nations to gain RP. With enough RP your Military Rank will be automatically promoted.

4. Mine: You can occupy mines in your area. In each area, the big mine in middle of Zone 1 has best productivity. The silver amount you get from a mine is determined by the period of your occupation and the productivity of the mine. With higher RP players will be enabled to occupy multiple mines.

5. Forage Trade: The price of forage at market is updated per hour. Sell your forage at around 2 and sell it around 0.5. The trade amount cap is reset daily and automatically reset after each time you upgrade your Market. So don’t hurry to upgrade your Market too quickly and only upgrade it when you need to trade.

6. Caravans: You can send Caravans when your TC reaches level 41. You can only send caravans to players of your nation who have posthouse. You can upgrade your native bank to increase the caravan profit. And also you can upgrade your posthouse to increase your max caravans. The daily caravan cap will be reset daily and after each time the posthouse is upgraded.

7. Rare Tokens: You can use Gold to buy rare tokens in Shop. More rare tokens will be available as your TC upgrades. Rare tokens can be sold for a huge amount of Silver and has a daily quantum. Get them before others is the key.

8. Dependency Tribute: Each time when your dependencies levy, you will get a certain amount of Silver. You can have more dependencies as your military rank promotes.

9. Event & Mine War: Get ahead in the event ”Get Rich” and Mine War will help you get an extra amount of Silver.


http://forum.lekool.com/viewthread.php?tid=5499 – Guide by GM_Simeny

General FAQ about WarFlow

Buildings and TC

1. Are the upgrades of buildings completed instantly?
Yes, but there is a cool-down time between building upgrades.

2. How long is the validity of the increased Builders?

3. Why can’t I further upgrade my TC when it’s already Lv. 9?
TC stands for Town Center. The level of your TC can’t exceed the level cap of your Area. If you wish to further upgrade your TC, you should move to Loyan after defeating Gikatio of the Militia Power. Before that, you can only upgrade your Equips, train or draft the Heroes, or strengthen your attack.

4. Why does it take 2 hours to upgrade my TC to Lv. 15 while it’s only 40 minutes for other players?
It’s because of Building Fatigue. Your Building Fatigue gradually increases as building upgrades are undertaken. Building Fatigue is invisible in game, but it is reflected by the gradually lengthened cool-down time. However, Building Fatigue will be cleared up 5:00 AM every day. Building Fatigue also applies to the cool-down time of Tech improvement and MCU.

5. Why can’t I move my TC when I think I have met the requirements?
It can be due to the 24 hours’ cool-down of TC moving. You can only move your TC once within 24 hours.

6. Where is the silver mine?
Silver mine is available only after you have chosen a nation among Malscinia, Beluprus and Volpugny.

7. When can I have my Caravans?
Caravans are available when your TC has been upgraded to Lv. 41.

8. When will I suffer from building damages? Will my buildings be degraded if I lose a battle?
When you’ve moved to an Area of Lv. 60 or above, given that you lose a battle, there is a chance of your buildings (excluding your TC) being degraded by 1 level. The buildings to be damaged are limited to one of the highest-level buildings.

9. How is the Productivity of Farms and Mines calculated?

Productivity refers to the output every 10 minutes.


1. What should I do to own more Heroes?
Increase your RP (reputation points). At the beginning your Hero cap is 3 by default. Hero cap increases to 4 when RP reaches 100; Hero cap increases to 5 when RP reaches 15,000; Hero cap increases to 6 when RP reaches 70,000; Hero cap increases to 7 when RP reaches 190,000.

2. How to upgrade Formation?
First, migrate to Loyan when you are level 10. Then upgrade your TC to level 11 to upgrade Formation in War Academy.

3. How can I put more Heroes in the Formation?
Upgrade your Formation in War Academy. At most 3 Heroes can be assigned when your Formation is upgraded to Lv. 2 (Lv. 10 War Academy required); at most 4 Heroes for Lv.5 Formation (Lv. 25 War Academy required); at most 5 Heroes for Lv. 10 Formation (Lv. 50 War Academy required).

4. What are Strategy ATK and Strategy DEF?
Strategy ATK is attack by Warlocks and Strategy DEF is defense by Warlocks.


1. Why is the Attack button greyed out?
It can be due to the MCU cool-down, or that your forces have been eradicated by your enemy. Hover your cursor over the greyed out button, the exact reason will display.

2. What can I do when I don’t have enough MCU?
MCU replenishes one per hour. Every day, at 08:30, 12:30 and 19:00, 5 free MCUs (B, A, C, F, M) will be added to your MCU.

3. How to receive battle rewards?

When a Power has been 100% completed, there will be a pop-up for you to receive related rewards.

4. Are there only two results Victory and Defeat for my battles?
There is also a Draw when the duration of the battle between two parties reaches 20 Rounds.

5. Protection failed?
Once a player under protection initiates an attack on others, he will forfeit the protection.

6. Does a Legionary War cost MCU?
No, it doesn’t.

7. Why does Donjerd Legion win when we have killed them all?
When a player achieves 3 Winning Streaks, he will be out of the battle. When your team have killed Donjerd Legion and nobody but your team’s 3-winning-streakers survives, the defender wins!

8. Why can’t I attack others?

Possible reasons include:
A. The season is winter.
B. No MCU available.
C. The one you try to attack is under protection.
D. The one you try to attack is in a Legionary Battle.

9. Why can’t I defeat an enemy whose level is lower than mine?
Possible reasons include:
A. Your equipments are not as good as theirs. You should enhance your equipments.
B. Your techs are not as good as theirs. Go to War Academy to upgrade.
C. Your Formation is vulnerable. You should adjust your Formation.

10. I found my Soldiers unreplenished when my level is lower than 15. Why?
When your level is no higher than 15, your Soldiers replenish automatically after every battle. Don’t worry, even if you see the Soldiers is not full, it’ll be replenished instantly when you battle.

11. How often do I meet an Elite Force?

There are limited Elite Forces for you to attack. When all of the Elite Forces in your area are defeated, you have to wait for them to be refreshed: 08:30, 12:30, 19:30, 21:00, 00:00.

12. Why won’t I receive as much Honor as before when I battle with NPC?

The higher your level is, the less Honor you receive from NPC battles.

13. What’s the rewards for Regional Wars?
RP. It depends on your TC level and the battle results. Winners’ rewards double losers’ rewards.

14. Can I switch my nation?
No, your nation is unchangeable.

15. How to occupy other players’ areas?

You can increase the nation-owned percentage of an area by regional wars, investments and attacking players in the area. When your nation owns a bigger portion of the area than the other two nations, the area will be regarded to be occupied by your nation.

16. Why am I not allowed to occupy the York State Farm?
York State Farm and other upcoming Farms are available for a member to attack two days after he joins a Legion. And only Legion President can initiate the attack on the Farm.


1. Sometimes I receive much Gold a day through levy, but sometimes none. Why?
There is a rate of receiving Gold while levying. You can increase the rate by upgrading Gold Plant.

2. How to increase the Silver I receive by levy?
The factors include House level, Treasury level, Prosperity of your area and Legion techs related to levies.

3. In some areas I can get more Silver by levy, but other areas less. Why?

It depends on the area’s level and Prosperity. You can boost the Prosperity by investments.

4. How to boost Citizen Loyalty?
Respond to the Levy Events properly, Citizen Loyalty will be increased.

5. How is the Silver turned over by dependencies calculated?
When a dependency is levying, System will offer his Lord 10% of the Silver he reaps. If his Lord serves another Lord, the rate will be 5%.

Training and Improvement

1. Why does the Heroes’ experience differ in Enhanced trainings?
The experience boosted by Enhanced trainings depends on the level of Training Ground.

2. What should I do when the Heroes level up very slow?
Click Enhance or Gold Enhance to train your Heroes more effectively.

3. What’s the attribute cap in Improving Heroes’ attributes?
Hero’s level+20

4. What’s the cost for adding Builders and Hero training Slots?

Builders: 50 100 200 500 1000 2000
Hero training Slots: 50 100 200 500 1000 2000

5. Why are the Improved attributes all the same by different means?
At the beginning, Improved attributes are the same. You are suggested to first improve Heroes’ attributes to the highest with Silver, Honor or 2 Gold, then improve it in advanced modes. The higher the Hero’s level, the higher the Improved attributes will be.

6. What is Hero Reincarnation for?
Increases the cap of force types and Soldiers.

7. Why is the old formation utilized after I’ve changed it?

After you change the formation, you have to click on Apply to set it as the default formation.

8. Why does the amount of Forage consumed differ on Soldiers replenishment?

The higher your TC’s level, the more Forage will be consumed.


1. Why can’t I buy Forage again?
The Forage amount you trade is limited every day. The higher your Market’s level, the more Forage you can buy. The Forage amount refreshes at 00:00 AM every day.

2. How do the Forage prices change?
The prices fluctuate between 0.5 Silver and 2.0 Silver. The prices rise gradually from 0.5, and start dropping when they have reached 2.0.

Ranks and RP

1. How to view my own Rank? How to promote it?
Move to a City located in your nation, there will be a notification of Rank promotion. You can increase your RP by donating Honor, attacking a city of a hostile nation and investing. When your RP reaches a certain amount, your Rank will be promoted.

2. How to gain RP quickly?
RP refers to Reputation Points. Choose a player from a hostile nation to attack. The amounts of RP you gain depend on the color of the player. You can gain the least RP with a White player and the most with a Red player on a scale from White, Green, Blue and Yellow to Red.

3.How is the RP gained from Investment calculated?
The formula is: C=A*B*2
A=TC level

4.How to view my RP rank?
It’s available to view when you have joined a nation after defeating Donjerd. Click the Promote button in your TC, you will see your current RP, and the number in the brackets represents your RP rank in your nation.


1. When are the Tokens available for me to buy?
When your Shop has been upgraded to Lv. 21, Tokens will be available to buy in the Shop. The higher your TC level, the more Tokens are available for you. Only a limited amount of Tokens are on offer, players always have to snap them up very quickly. You can also earn Silver by selling Tokens.

2. How to recharge in Game?
For recharging to the game, please click the “+BUY” button at the top left beside the item of Gold count. Then the popup message will show you how to recharge step by step.

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http://forum.lekool.com/viewthread.php?tid=4957 – Guide by xianhu