[Basic Guide] Duel & Arena

Duel System

Players can duel with other players at Lv.20. The duel tries are related with the position. The winning player who starts the challenge can get the opponent’s [Waistband].
Click [War Record] to check the obtained [Waistband]
Display costs 1 horn

Players can’t continue to challenge the defeated player. If the challenge fails, it won’t affect you getting the [Waistband].
The player whose waistband is seized can battle the player in the [My Enemies] list to get back the waistband. Credits are granted based on the [Waistband]. The winner who starts the challenge can get the opponent’s credits while the player being challenged will lose the credits as much as the opponent’s credits. If you seize back the [Waistband], you can not only even the deducted credits but also get the opponent’s credits.

Players can freely select other top-ranked players to challenge. The system will send out the rewards based on the rank at 10.pm. every day. The winner can get Archangel Fashion. The 2nd-to 10th players can get Cool Suits.

Slave Gameplay
To the right of the Arena is the slave panel where you can capture, dispatch, and abandon slaves and rescue the friends, etc. Slaves can either please or resist against the masters.
Slaves can get benefits by pleasing the masters.

Arena Reward

The top 100 players can get Gold and Crystals. The players who rank after 100 only get Gold.
Gold=Round Number (200/Rank)*Character Level*20+10000. Crystals for Top 100=Round Number (81/Rank) +19

Daily Reward

Pandora Box:
Players can claim a different amount of Pandora Boxes based on the position every day. The Pandora Box contains tons of Elements. The higher

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the position, the more Pandora Boxes you can get.

The times of doing alchemy vary with the players` positions. The higher the position, the more times you can do alchemy. These Magic Boxes contain tons of Gold. The Philosopher’s Stone is available in the Shop and the events.

Login Reward:
Player can claim some login reward

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by logging in every day. Continuously login and you’ll get different reward. Become VIP to claim more rewards!

Daily Reward:

Players can get the rewards by staying online for some time every day.
When it`s the reward time, the icon will show the color and is flickering. Just click the icon to claim.

The remaining cooldown time for the reward will be displayed below the icon. At this time, the icon is disabled.

Players can claim the rewards for totally 6 times. The cooldown for each reward is different.

Pet Signet System

Pet signet system is used to seal the useless pets and transfer them into the signets that can raise pets’ ability when equipped. Besides, signets can blend each other to raise the effects.

The signet slot unlocks as the pet levels up. 1 signet

will be unlocked at Lv.30. Every 10 levels up will unlock 1 signet. The pet can only wear 1 signet of the same kind.

How to Enter Seal Interface:
click Signet button to enter its interface where you click the Seal button

There’re 2 sealing methods to choose from. One is pet seal. The player selects the useless pet to seal. The pet vanishes after the sealing.Higher level seal can get the powerful signet. The other is magic seal that won’t cost pet but 20000 Gold.

Signet grade varies with the seal cost. The odds are shown in the outcome forecast.

Click one-click-synthesize to synthesize the signets. You can choose the synth type beside the one-click-synthesize.
Click one-click-seal to synthesize the signets in all slots. Each signet costs 30000 Gold.

How to wear the signet: click signet button, choose the pet and drag the signet to the signet slot. Another method is to click one-click-equip on the interface and then equip all signets to the pet. Click one-click-detach to take down all signets on the pet.

Improvements after the maintenance on February 22.

Contract Volume and Challenge Package

Here are the Contract Volume and Challenge Package, from which you can get different kinds of contracts and challenge tickets at valuable price.
Details about these two kinds of props are as follows:1.jpg
Way to get:
You can get the volume and package in the extra rewards for recharge.

Extra Rewards for Recharge

Event Duration: from the

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end of maintenance to 23:00 on Feb. 29
Access: You can come to the event by clicking the ‘Reward’ icon in the right bottom of main interface.
During the event, you can get brand-new extra rewards for specified recharge in the following table. Here are the details:

Exchange Emp. Point for Gift

Event Duration: from the end of maintenance to 23:00 on Feb. 29

When using contract for recruitment or spending gold on advanced further training, you can get points. The points you get by using contracts equal the current price of the contracts sold in mall. The points you get from advanced further training equal the gold you actually spend on the training. You can exchange certain amount of points for relevant rewards. Different props will consume you different amount of points:
Exchange Challenge Points for Gift

Event duration: from the end of maintenance to 23:00 Feb. 29

During the event, you can get points by using the challenge tickets. The points you got equal the price of the tickets sold in mall. 1 point equals 1 gold. You can exchange certain amount of points for relevant props. Different props will consume you different amount of points. Details are as follows: 4.jpg
Rank of Component Master

Event Duration: from the end of maintenance on Feb. 23 to 22:30 on Feb. 29

Here is an unprecedented rank for you, the Component Master. You can get points for the rank by following access:
1. When using star stones to upgrade the components or wings, you can get points according to the following rules: 1 junior star stone = 3 points; 1 advanced star stone = 6 points; 1 super star stone = 50 points.
2. When using a superior component crystal to update or exchange the superior components, you can get 20 points
3. When using a convoy component crystal to update or exchange the purple convoy components, you can get 40 points.
4. When suing a convoy essence to update the orange convoy components, you can get 160 points.

Qualified player can receive rewards as follows:

New Collections in Hall

Here are several new collections in hall. Come on! Collect more and make your new history in RichState.
Race collection:
Drgaon Medal, Love Medal
Holy collection:
Dragon Chaser, MVP of 2011, Artic Cruiser, Green Goblin, Pumpkin Mask


Adjustments of Component Disintegration
There are several new rules for the component disintegration. They are as follows:
1. If a component hasn’t been upgraded, you can disintegrate it.
2. If a component was upgraded by component fragments, you cannot disintegrate it.
3. If a component was upgraded only by star stone, you cannot disintegrate it until it reaches star-4.

Lekool Team.

Have a Wonderful Valentine’s Day!

It is strongly suggested that you should clear the caches before enjoying the gameafter the maintenance.

1. A Pledge of Love
The Valentine’s Day is coming. An old friend of you, called Nick, come to ask you forhelp for he don’t know gave what presents for his girlfriend. You should help him to make several special presents for his girlfriend. There will be several quests for you to complete to make those presents. 

From the quests, you can win a lot of rewards.

Event Duration: from the end of maintenance to February 15 23:00 PST


2. 5-Day Gift for Extreme Challenge!
Duration: from the end of maintenance to February 15 23:00 PST (7 days in total)

1. Player can get points by using Challenge Ticket. The points are equal to the priceof ticket sold in mall. 1 gold, 1 point!  2. There must be 5 days in each of which you must obtain 300 points or above. Any 5 days during the event are available.
3. The points got in each day will be reset to 0 at 00:00, which means that you must get another 300 points in the following day. Therefore, you should snatch any chance during the 7 days!

If you meet the requirement above, you can get rewards as follows:
Convoy Component Crystal*5
V Card*1 
Note: you can only receive the rewards for 1 time.

3. Gifts for Advanced Further Training!
Here is an event concerning the advanced further training.

Duration: from the end of maintenance to February 15 23:00 PST 

1. You can get points when you take advanced further training. The points you get in an advanced further training are equals to the gold you spend on the training. 
2. With certain amount of points, you can exchange for relevant kind of gift. There are several kinds of gifts. For different points, it will cost you different amount of points. Here is a table to show the details:

Lekool game all right reserved! 

Happy Valentine’s Day
Lekool Team