04/01/2012 version updates

Dear players

04/01/2012 version updates on Lekool server from 00:00 to 02:30 (PST)
Bug fixed:
1, Attack point from equipments was not added to Hero
2, No datas in Equipment Rank

Any problems, please contact us at any time.

Lekool LOA Team

20/12/2011 version updates

20/12/2011 version updates from 00:30 to 2:30 (PST)
Bug fixed:
1,Mistake of filtering Jewels in Workshop.
2,No intelligence of Hero Louis Ie Faineant showed in Inn

News: Christmas and New Year Events will begin on 20th Dec
Should be any problems, please contact us anytime.

Lekool service

Preview of Christmas & New Years events.

The whole period of events starts from 20thDec 2011, ending at 23:59,9th Jan 2012(PST)

There are three major activities duringthis period as followed:



Eventtime: 20th Dec~9th Jan 2012. Threetimes per day, costing 1G-cash each time.

Rewards: Random items to increase the production of your resources.



Eventtime: From20thDec~9th Jan.2012

Rules: 1,A part of items are sold at a discount price at the panel of hotsale in Store.
2, The discount price is only valid during event time


Christmas& New Years gift.

Eventtime: From20thDec~9th Jan.2012

Rewards:Stockings and New Year gift Box


1, Stockings are gifts for Christmas andyou need to exchange them with a certain amount of

Jingle bells which you can get by attacking different wildernesses.


2. Different Stockings have differentrewards inside, which includes coin, resources and different Equipments.

3, From 20th Dec to 00:00, 25thDec, Stockings are only available to be exchanged,and you can not open themuntil 25th.

4, New Year Boxes are gifts for New Year, and you needto exchange them with a certain amount

of both Jingle bells and Reindeer’s horns which you canget by attacking different wildernesses.

5, Different Boxes have different rewardsinside which includes coin, resources, items and Legend hero.

6, From 25th Dec to 9th Jan 2011,NewYear Boxes are only available to be exchanged, and you

cannot open them until 1st Jan 2011.