[News] Lekool Call Of Gods Server 6 launch

Call of Gods (http://cog.lekool.com)is free to play MMORPG game that is browser based, the game is unique as it combines the best of both RPG and SLG games in one. Lekool games (www.lekool.com), one of the leading global publishers of browse based online games is treating their ever growing community of players with a brand new server of call of gods.

The New server named “Athena” will be launched on 25th November 2012 at 7:00 PM PST (more…)

New Feature: Transportation Center

A game feature launches on 15th Feb!

Lord of ages!!


The merchants from Orient urgently need your protection!
Challenge yourself with dangerous escorting journeys and receive magnificent rewards if you succeed.
Regards: Resources, Coins, Prestige, Experience and Heroes
Being a plunderer will make it easier for you get these rewards. What a thrilling experience!

Lord of Ages – The battle for the King of Darts

The Merchants from Orient urgently need your protection!
Challenge yourself with dangerous escorting journeys and receive magnificent rewards if you succeed.

My lord,
As our population grows, we

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need to work harder to expand our land and strengthen our country.

We’ve spotted a group of travelling merchants that can help us in this task. But they are asking for protection from the dangers that await them in their trading path.

We have a strong enough force to protect them and they said they will reward anyone willing to escort them in their journey. Sounds easy? Why don’t we use this opportunity for our advantage?

Our scouts also said the Lords from neighboring countries are targeting the merchants. This may be difficult but if you decide now, we can gain the merchants favor.
Rules :
1. There are two different Escorting Destinations (Troy Station & Roman Station) with different rewards issued if you finish escorting task successfully.

2. There are five (5) different Car Darts with different deposit required and rewards to choose from for each Station

3. Three (3) escorting missions can be done per day. Only one (1) mission can be run at a time.

4. Allocate your troops to protect your chosen Car Darts. Troop allocation is limited to 500 units.

5. Buy the escort message in Inn and plunder the goods

6. You can trade the goods from successful plunders for corresponding rewards in Black Market. Failure will result in loss of prestige and resources as penalty.

7. If you have been plundered, the plunderer’s info is displayed for you from the Inn.

8. Failed attempts to plunder others will also result in loss of prestige or resources as penalty.

COG Xmas Boom

1. More fun you will find out in unexpected Dungeons
To meet needs of obtaining better Heroes and stronger props from our kind players, we modified dungeon in several points:
Difficulty of dungeon Nightmare for above level 60 increased more; you’ll be able to pick Orange Hero card plus Purple props corresponding to your level by beating down final Boss
Difficulty of dungeon Hell for above level 60 increased more; you’ll be able to pick Orange Hero card or Red Hero card, Astrology book, newly updated level 80 Orange & Red props plus Purple props or Orange props corresponding to your level by beating down final Bos

Download (103.52 KB)

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Download (92.11 KB)

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2. Method to getting Red Hero
During Xmas period, way to get it shall be definitely increased
1. Get Red hero constellation card by spinning wheel Stable Potential 95
2. Pick it from final boss in dungeon Hell above level 60 Stable Potential 85
3. Get it from random occurrence in Tavern Protential from 76-100

3. New Transmuting choice added in for level 80 Red props
Regular Red props + Astral Essence = New Red props
Astral Essence   图片18.png

Download (35.07 KB)

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is sold in shop.

4. Christmas Event
a. Great largess for margined charge
During Christmas event, as cumulative charge value reaches to a certain amount, you’ll obtain gifts
Period: 2011.12.15 – 2012.1.11
Detail: Grab gifts in different margins as cumulative charge value reaches to a certain amount as follows:
1000gold – Tome of Masksman I-IV
3000gold – one set of level 60 Orange props
5000gold – one Red gem
Note: each account shall get rewards once in each cumulative charge margin

b. Rush to rank
Period:2011.12.15 00:00:00 PST –2012.1.11 23:59:59 PST
Detail:Players will get corresponding scores from specified events within event period of time and these scores will be accumulated in score rankings. We’ll list the rank based on the total scores.

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Specified events:
1. Scores from wheel (1 time large spin will gain 10 scores; gain 1 score on small wheel; no score from free spin)
2. Astrology book scores (gain 10 scores by using 1 astrology book)
3. Dungeon scores (Pass by dungeon – Normal: 1 score; Nightmare: 2 scores; Hell: 3 scores)
4. Getting 1 Red hero card by any method shall gain 5 scores
5. One win in Conqueror shall get 1 score
6. One time login shall get 1 score in each day
Note: 1. Score rankings shall be updated in each 30 minutes, thus what you see is probably not what you gain
2. If you’d like to check your current scores, please inquire it from Score Mall

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1. by Ranking
Ranking 1 – 3: acquire one special Red Hero Card (Potentiality: 95/ 90/ 85)
Note: Please provide hero’s name just after the event to us
Raking 4 – 6: acquire one Santa Claus Red Hero Card (Potentiality: 85)
Ranking 7 – 10: acquire one set of level 80 Xmas props

2. Inside Score Mall
Players could use gained scores to exchange what they like from corresponding score mall
Score mall can be found in Exchange Shop of every main city and neutral city

Download (13.52 KB)

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Necrolis – Exchange Shop – Phaedria

Download (23.57 KB)

20 minute ago

Sanctaria – Exchange Shop – Ebor Corollas

Download (13.5 KB)

20 minute ago

Arthlan – Exchange Shop – Miranna Haeos

Download (22.63 KB)

20 minute ago

Regia Deorum – Exchange Shop – Aurira Bourne

c. Survive Santa Claus
Background: Santa Claus was enchanted and invaded by Evil, in this case kids on Masure land shall not be able to get Christmas gifts. For sake of it for kids, warriors was summoned to defeat this eviled Santa Claus in order to snatch back Christmas gifts for kids
Period: 2011.12.15—2012.1.11
Detail: join in group in 30 /60 /80 levels to challenge eviled Santa Claus, you will pick Xmas socks, which shall be burst out Xmas props and other gifts corresponding to levels

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Chasm of Despair – Razorwind Bridge

Download (85.12 KB)

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Seid Highland – Stormy Stream

Download (36.1 KB)

20 minute ago

Frozen Ossuary – Everfrost River

Download (41.02 KB)

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Download (71.69 KB)

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d. Double EXP in Dungeon
Background: still feel agonizing for slow upgrade pace? Not enough quests? Go into dungeon for double EXP
Period: 12. 22 – 12. 28, each day 11:00 – 13:00PST         and         19:00-21:00PST
Detail: go into dungeon in specified period of time; gain double EXP by defeating monsters and BOSS

e. Christmas coupon by login
Background: Login ONLY to make it; login game to get free coupon in event period
Period: 12.22 – 12.28
Detail: consecutive login per day shall gain accumulative coupons
1st day: 50 coupons; 2nd day: 50 coupons; 3rd day: 100 coupons; 4th day: 150 coupons; 5th day: 200 coupons
6th day: 250 coupons; 7th day: 500 coupons
Note: if no consecutive login steps per day, then the login day is always the 1st day.

f. Christmas Limit Buy
Background:  One dollar item limited
Period: 12.23 – 12.25
23rd: summon pack – 1 piece limited
24th: dungeon key pack – 2 pieces limited
25th : bounty quest pack – 3 pieces limited