Enlighten the Haunted House!

Come on! Test your bravery and luck! Get a good scare and a pretty surprise!




EventDuration: After the maintenance on 10-27-2011 PDT to 11-07-2011 18:50 PDT


Halloweenis coming, and Liberty City prepares a series ofactivities for midnight carnival.

Asfor the most overwhelming event, of course, it is the Haunted House Adventure!

Speciallydesigned for our tycoons, the house will definitely terrify even the mostseasoned goer! In every room that needs to be lightened, lots of treasures arewaiting for you!



During the event, player has to enlighten all thewindows of the Haunted House by finishing all the tasks in each room.

There are 9 rooms in the house, andyou need to enlighten them from No.1 to No. 9, which are already marked in thepicture above.



1. Player has to finish all the tasks in one roombefore entering next one.

2. Tasks in the same room need NOT to be finished in order.

3. The accumulation period for tasks with an“accumulated” is from the maintenance on 10-24-2011 PDT to 11-07-2011 18:50PDT.

4. Player can score 500 points for theaccomplishment of each task.


Rewards (all unpresentable)


Room Room  Rewards
Room 1 MysteryEmployee  Card* 1

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*5

Superb Gem*5

Advanced  Starstone*10

Jewel Bag*5

Intensive  Stone Bag*1

Mask Card*1

Fancy  Animal Card*1

Room 2 500 Gold Super  Employee Card* 2

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*10

Superb Gem*10

Advanced  Starstone*10

Jewel Bag*10

Intensive  Stone Bag*3

Super Attire  Card*2

Fancy  Animal Card*1

Room 3 4000 Gold Super  Employee Card* 5

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*15

Superb Gem*20

Advanced  Starstone*20

Jewel Bag*20

Intensive  Stone Bag*3

Super Attire  Card*5

Fancy Animal  Card 

Ghost Mask*1

Room 4 8000 Gold Super  Employee Card* 6

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*15

Superb Gem*30

Advanced  Starstone*30

Jewel Bag*20

Intensive  Stone Bag*3

Lv 5 Pony  Card*2

Fancy Animal  Card 

Super  Attire Card*5

Room 5 12000 Gold Super  Employee Card* 7

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*20

Superb Gem*50

Advanced  Starstone*40

Jewel Bag*20

Intensive  Stone Bag*3

Lv 6 Pony  Card *1

Ray Helmet *1

Vampire Mask*1

Room 6 18000 Gold Super  Employee Card* 8

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*20

Superb Gem*60

Advanced  Starstone*50

Jewel Bag*20

Intensive  Stone Bag*4

Lv 6 Talent Book  *1

Ray Armor *1

Super Attire  Card*5

Room 7 22000 Gold Super  Employee Card* 9

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*20

Superb Gem*80

Advanced  Starstone*60

Jewel Bag*30

Intensive  Stone Bag*5

Lv 7 Talent Book  *1

Subject Quintessence Pack  *1

Death Mask*1

Room 8 30000 Gold Super  Employee Card* 10

Lv 3 Gold  Mould Fragment*20

Polar Night*1

Advanced  Starstone*80

Jewel Bag*30

Intensive  Stone Bag*6

Lv 7 Talent Book  *1

Subject Quintessence Pack  *1

Orange  Soul Fragment *300

Room 9 60000 Gold Subject Quintessence Pack  *2

Lv 7 Talent Book  *1

Night Elf*1

Satan Mask*1



New Items




Name Description Effect
Ghost Mask A mask designed to imitate ghost.  It is a common mask for Halloween party. Effect 1: Increases company  revenue by 50%

Effect 2: Increases the rate of  gaining Store Upgrade Points by 25%

Cap of stacking effect: 50%

Vampire Mask A mask designed to imitate  vampire. It is a graceful and mysterious mask for Halloween party.
Death Mask A mask designed to imitate Death.  With Death’s cap and scythe, it is a vivid mask for Halloween party.
Satan Mask A mask designed to imitate Satan.  It is an evil mask with demon smile for Halloween party.


1. There are two kinds of Vampire Masks, which willbe given according to player’s gender.

2. All the masks above, Ghost Mask, Vampire Mask, Death Mask& Satan Mask, share the same attribution with Chinese Imperial Raiment.

3. The effect will not be reduced ifplayer use any mask above together with Chinese Imperial Raiment.


Name Description Effect
Subject Quintessence A record of tycoon’s valuable  experience oncertain subject. The precious
perception is a great help for your subject research.
Get one level up for your subject  research after use.


Name Description Effect
Night Elf


Low key but high quality, it likes  a night elf travelling through darkness. Effect 1: Reduce routine recharge  time by 90%

Effect 2: Reduce routine duration  by 90%

Effect 3: Increases store revenue  by 85%

Effect 4: Accelerate goods  production by 85%

Effect 5: Increase raw material  supply rate by 85%

Polar Night



As a condensation of the night  shadow, the emblem alwaystwinkles with a dim light. Effect 1: Increases store revenue  by 325%

Effect 2: Increases daily quests  rewards by 325%

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!

Store your Halloween candies NOW! They might not only flatter the kids, but also surprise yourself!
1.jpgEvent Duration: After the maintenance on 10-27-2011 PDT to 11-07-2011 18:50 PDT Infected by the Halloween carnival atmosphere, agroup of elves has been attracted into Liberty City. They are very interestedin “trick-or-treat” game. Thus they will imitate all the knockings and yellingsto ask for candies. Well, this time, unlike the naughty kids, elves willtreat you in return with unexpected gifts! And all the items inside areprecious collection of magic spirits!Wanna to get the super gifts from elves?Store your Halloween candies right now!

Player can treat the elves with candies from CandyRoll/Candy Box/Candy Bag/Candy Basket and get a gift in return for being ahospitable friend. Check more details in the following list:

Candies Obtain Candies Consumption Rewards
Candy Roll: 10 Gold / +10 Candies Good treat: cost 10 Candies 1
Candy Box: 100 Gold
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/ +100 Candies

Friendly treat: cost 100 Candies 10
Candy Bag: 500 Gold / +500 Candies Warmly treat: cost 500 Candies 50
Candy Basket: 2000 Gold / +2000 Candies Generous treat: cost 2000 Candies 200

Rewards List
GenerousTycoon RankForthe most generous tycoons, elves prepared super rewards! To see more detail by clicking here: To see more detail by clicking here: GenerousTycoon Rank
Lekool team.

Say Hi to Our Spooky Halloween Ace—Mr. & Mrs. Fang!

Event Duration: After the routine maintenance on 10-24-2011 PDT to 11-08-2011 18:50 PDT

The grand Halloween celebrations not only thrill the people of Liberty City, but also attract many freelancers from other places. On this day, a secret group appears in the city. They dress in finery and call each other’s name followed with noble titles. They are easy in

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conversation and graceful in manner. While the most remarkable feature that catch people’s attention is their outstanding commercial abilities. It won’t be long before all the tycoons sense that and begin their crazy hunting, this time, not for the animals, but for talents…

Mr. & Mrs. Fang
As Halloween is coming, a pair of special Ace Employees has been introduced into Liberty City—Mr. & Mrs. Fang.

Mr. & Mrs. Fang cannot be poached and can only get hired by using Gold Contracts, Diamond Contracts and Pink Diamond Contracts in recruitment or mass recruitment.
There are a set of 12 Halloween Ace, and they all have a postfix behind their names, i.e. Mr. Fang★Duke or Mrs. Fang★Baron. The postfix will randomly be one of the following:

Postfix Postfix
-King -Marquess
-Infante -Comte
-Presbyter -Vicomte
-Suzerain -Baron
-Royal Duke -Baronet
-Duke -Retinue

1. There will be 200 Halloween Ace on each server every week. Halloween Ace have the following stats:

Experience Level Talent Max Execution or Management Initial (Mgmt + Exec.) Cap Max (Mgmt + Exec.) Cap Store
Revenue bonus Flagship store revenue bonus Mansion
Ace Master 650 960–1000 1100 200% 100% 10%

2. Halloween Ace also enjoys all the special talents of exceptional employee.
3. Halloween Ace will by chance come with one of the following 4 special talents.
●Talent A: bring 10% — 60% store revenue bonus
●Talent B: have 5%—11% Mastery or Acumen
●Talent C: protect the stores from strategy attack.
●Talent D: raise the top limit of Exec or Mgmt by 30 points.

Halloween Gift Package

The player can get a gift package “Jack-o’-Lantern” when recruits every first Mr. Fang or Mrs. Fang (a player can get 12 Jack-o’-Lanterns to the maximum)

From the package player can get 1 Medium Equip, 10 Superb Gems and 10 Advanced Starstones. The gift and all the items inside cannot be given to others.

New item:
Name: Jack-o’-Lantern
Description: a Gift package with every first Mr. Fang or Mrs. Fang
Effect: Open to receive 1 Medium Equip, 10 Superb Gem and 10 Advanced Starstones.

The Advent of 12 Olympus Lords—First One: Deity★Hades

Event Duration: After the routine maintenance on 10-24-2011 PDT to 11-08-2011 18:50 PDT

There was a time when Liberty City had its powerful control over the whole business world with strong commercial momentum. And tycoons, who achieved this miracle, who brought the superb glory, are 12 distinctive geniuses that appeared at Liberty City almost the same time. They were hotly sought by other businessmen and even were deified as “12 Olympus Lords of Liberty City” according to their astonishing abilities. However, these geniuses began to feel bored due to the lack of challenge. Finally, they decided to retire from business and live in reclusion. After that, Liberty City was still thriving, but never be the same as before without the spiritual leaders. As time goes by, the halo of “12 Olympus Lords” is fading away and people in Liberty City have gradually forgotten these super-geniuses, until one day……
It is rumored that someone saw Hades—one of the 12 Olympus Lords who earned his reputation with a cold and cruel calculation—quietly showed up in Liberty City again.

New employee” Deity” has been introduced into BTO game. There are a set of 12 Deity Employees which are named according to “12 Olympus Lords”. Player can have only one Deity Employee of each kind. The first Deity Employee comes to Liberty City after this maintenance is Deity★Hades.

How to get your Deity★Hades
During the event, player has a chance to gain Heart of Universe Fragment using Pink Diamond Contract, Diamond Contract and Gold Contract in recruitment or mass recruitment.

1. Player can collect 99 fragments to exchange for a Heart of Universe (Hades), then use it to gain a Deity★Hades.
2. Each player can have only 1 Deity★Hades. After that, player cannot gain one more by using Heart of Universe

1. Deity Employee cannot be poached and can be upgraded to 18 stars.
Star Level Execution Total attribute (Execution + Management) Attribute Cap in Further Training(Management+Execution)
1 Star 530-552 852-870 930

2. Deity Employee has an Exp. of Versatile and an talent of Master.
3. The costs of Training, Further Training & Enlighten for Deity Employee are the same with Super Employees.
4. Special Talent
The Deity Employee will by chance come with one of the following 4 special talents.
●Talent A: bring 60% — 100% store revenue bonus
●Talent B: have 11%—15% Mastery AND Acumen
●Talent C: protect the stores from strategy attack.
●Talent D: raise the top limit of Exec or Mgmt by 40 points.

Deity Employee has Star Level, which will be shown behind each Super Employee’s name. The default star level of Deity Employee is one star.
You can increase the star level through Deity Employee Upgrade system. When you successfully upgrade a Deity Employee, the star level will be added by one. The star level can be increased up to 18 stars.

1. You can increase the star level of Deity Employee through Deity Employee Upgrade system in Bell Labs.
2. To upgrade a Deity Employee, you need a Deity Employee and an Ace Employee as upgrade assistant. When a Deity Employee is successfully upgraded, he or she will inherit 10%~20% of the Execution and Management cap points of the assistant. Meanwhile the upgrade assistant will disappear after the procedure.
3. The inherit points depends on the attribution of assistant. The closer Execution and Management to the Cap, the more points the upgraded Deity Employee can inherit. When assistant’s Execution and Management equal to the Cap, Deity Employee can inherit 20% of the Execution and Management cap points.
4. The higher the Star levels the higher the risk. For upgradation below 12 Star, the success rate is 100%. Then it will become harder and harder as the level goes up.
5. It costs 100 Gold to upgrade a Deity Employee every time.

New Items
Name: Heart of Universe (Hades) Name: Heart of Universe Frag. (Hades)

Save Huge Money in Purchasing Jewels in BTO Maintenance – August 22!

In order to provide every tycoon with a smooth, stable and quality gaming environment, we will be shutting down all servers and implementing routine maintenance on August 22 2011 from 19:00 PDT to 22:00 PDT. This downtime will allow us to optimize and improve the Business Tycoon Online as well as implement new features and events into BTO. If maintenance fails to be completed on time, the availability of the game may be delayed accordingly. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this and we appreciate your support and cooperation!

Activities & Adjustments

1.        Collect the Pricy Rewards in Arm Team Rank II!

2.        Much Better Rewards in Daily Gift Packages!

3.        A Good Chance to Gain Gift Coupon and Employee Coupon!

4.        Save Huge Money on Purchasing Horse Jewel Value Pack!

5.        Try to Train Up Your Horse in Horse Raising Rank II!

6.        Some Continued Popular Activities and Helpful Improvements!

Note: The Liberty City Fund Quests will be reset after this routine maintenance.

Tips: If you cannot see the new contents after routine maintenance, please clear the browsing data (Cache, Cookies, Browsing History, etc.) of your web browser.

Lekool Team
August 22, 2011