Edragon Event Series – Part 1
(Updated reward & rules)

Event Time: 14 Oct to 31 Oct 2011

Event Detail:

This is the easiest part of the series. All you have to do is post your IGN (InGame Name), Race, andClass in this thread once everyday. and you will get 5 gil for every valid post every day.
(Only 1 post a day).
*Make sure all Capital letter, numbers (0~9 _ ,-.;), symbol and space in your Character name is correct.

And you can get bonus reward if you upload your avatar and signature.
Avatar could be your own picture or your personally designed avatar.

You also must register to Lekool Forum before posting.

For guide to uploading avatar, please see link below:

For guide to make forum signature, please see link below:

GM and Mod will pick the winner by their avatar,signature, and total posts.
So try to be as creative as possible.

Event Reward for Part 1:

For every post each day:  5 gil
All participant who uploaded avatar & signature and have 4 or more valid posts:
will get additional 50 Gil and Food Package lvl 48 x5 (*updated )
Top 1-5 : will get additional 100 Gil and additional 
Food Package lvl 48 x5 (*updated )

Food Package lvl 48 (Worth 228 gold) contains :
Halas Bearmeat (Max HP +144)
Fine Roasted Venison (Attack +16)
Fine Jikes Tea (Hit +4%)
Saltbaked Lionmeat (Dodge +4%)
Top Qeynos Wine (Critical +4%)
Tiger-claw Fish Soup (Break +4%)

Reward will be given out every Tuesday 01:00-05:00 Edragon Server Time.

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