[Event] Ninjawaz Christmas Craze Event


We’ve prepared some special Christmas events with loads of glorious gifts for all dedicated players! We wish you a merry Christmas!
On this Christmas, Ninjiawaz official release one brand new item named Oblivion Potion which used to forget pet’s skill, in result you should never be distressed by the extra pet skills.
New item bring you new game experience. Let’s rock this Christmas.

Event One: Online Gifts Giveaway
Time: December 23rd -December 26th GMT +1
Realm: All servers
Event Details:
In celebration of Christmas, we’ll send gifts to players who stay online at 20:30-21:00 during the event!

1. All rewards are bound;
2. Rewards will be sent within 3 business days after the event.

Event Two: Special prize for challenging Noches /Valhalla
Time: December 23rd -December 26th GMT +1
Realm: All servers
Event Details:
How about a Christmas in Las Noches and Valhalla? Take an adventure to win rewards!

1. All rewards are bound;
2. Rewards will be sent within 5 business days after the event.

Event 3:Merrily to welcome Xmas with new Map
Xmas Scene.jpg
Time: December 19th – January 8th GMT +1
Realm: All servers
Event Details:
Click the icon in the upper right corner of your screen to enter Christmas event scene, join the special Christmas events and win dazzling rewards!

Click here to recharge
Event server

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Event time:Dec 20th 0:01——Dec 26th 23:59:59 GMT+1
Event description:Recharge Bonus Event

Item Description:
Oblivion Potion: Go to Pet Kennel, click skill icon to Forget the skill.
卍Bankai Pet Skill Book Wishing Pot:contains one 卍Bankai skill book;
Sharp Claws[卍] : Increase owner’s pierce by 87 points;
Sharpness[卍]: Increase owner’s speed by 15%;
Vision[卍]: Increase owner’s hit by 87 points;
Rampage[卍]: Increase owner’s critical strike by 51 points;
Vivacious[卍]: Increase owner’s max HP by 15%;
Sandbag[卍]: Increase owner’s HP by 75 points;
Nimble[卍]: Increase owner’s dodge by 57 points;
Withstand[卍]: Increase owner’s block by 57 points;
Calm[卍]: Increase owner’s constitution by 78 points;
Thick Skin[卍]: Increase owner’s defence by 87 points;
Disarm[卍]: Increase owner’s armor break by 77 points;
Strong[卍]: Increase owner’s max attack by 20 points;
Ferocious[卍]: Increase owner’s attack by 15%;
Sagacity[卍]: Increase owner’s max chakra by 75 points;
Sharpness[卍] and Ferocious[卍] requires pet level + 27; other skills requires pet level + 18 to discover.
Bankai Title Wishing Box: Contains one Bankai title, valid for 30 days
Blue Beast (Effects: Strength 98 Hit 58 Armor Break 55)
Yellow Flash (Effects: Agility98 Attack 4% Speed 4%)
Guardian of Sand ( Effects: Defence124 Block 55 HP 4%)
Night Dancer (Effects: Dodge 78 Pierce 58 Armor Break 55)
Blade of Chaos (Effects: Hit116 HP4% Attack 4%)
Red Sunset (Effects: Critical Strike 71 Armor Break 55 Speed 4%)
White Fang (Effects: Armor Break 109 Constitution58 Hit58 )
Tailed Beast Wishing Pot: Contains one specified + 0 One-Tailed, Three-Tailed, Four-Tailed, Five-Tailed, Six-Tailed, Seven-Tailed;
S-rank Tailed Beast Wishing Pot: Contains one designated + 0 Two-Tailed, Eight-Tailed or Nine-Tailed
Heart of Tailed Beast Wishing Pot: Contains one specified Heart of Tailed Beast Gem, including: Heart of Shukaku, Heart of Nakomata, Heart of Isonade, Heart of Sokou, Heart of Houkou,Heart of Raijuu.
Lava Stone Necklace: Obtain more Honor by killing tailed beast

Please Note:
1. To be an eligible participant, you must buy items with gold;
2. Rewards will be sent within 5 business days after the event.

Event: Treasured Collection of Sage of the Six Paths

Warm Tips:
1. Player can claim rewards at ”Coupon” in the game after reaching the requirements and choosing the corresponding gift box. Rewards are bound.
2. During the event, there’s no limit for how many gift box one account can claim.
3.The rewards will be sent out in 5 business days.

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