[Game Updates]Dragons Call II ; Championship, the Return of the King!

Coming Real Soon : Championship, the Return of the King!
Are you still pondering on the colorful and shocking experience brought by the last update? Taking it easy and the bigger surprise is coming! This update aims at enriching the play points when players compete with each other and adds the system of free PK and competition. With the battle system’s appearance changed, players are led into a brand new fighting atmosphere. The details are introduced for you now!

Highlight 1: Championship, the return of the king!
The championship, as a great event prevailing in Stiland, provides many platforms for adventurers. The young brave still insists in pursuing the peak though they are overwhelmed in the war temporary. At this moment, the sacred fire is relighted and let’s pull out the swords, looking forward to the return of the king!
The Championship is a kind of game for all the people for the purpose of enriching the PVP play points of players and getting extra game benefits.
Players of Level 30 or above can enter and view the specific competition information by clicking the “Championship” icon at the top of the interface at the beginning of the competition. The icon will show a different schedule for each competition and only players reaching Level 70 can apply; and the championship is divided into knockout round, Top-16 finals, Top-8 finals, Top-4 finals, semi-finals and finals. Each completion is 5-3 game system. Players can bet on the player who participates during competition in order to gain high return of gold. More details of specific competition time, betting rules and rewards coming soon.
champ0.jpgThe Main Interface of Championship:
champ1.jpgHighlight 2: Free PK, Without Scruples!
Do you have any enemy with piled-upgrievances?  At the arena, have you been defeated many times while could not turn the tables due to the limitation of times? You can try the “Duel” system which will bring you a brand new experience! You only need to click the role name of a player and select “Duel” to invite the target to fight; of course, this is a big stuff and your opponent also has the right to reject. If someone keeps inviting you for duel, it is easy to solve and you can click “setting” at the upper right corner of the interface such that all duel invitation can be blocked by one key.
dcch.jpgHighlight 3: New Monsters, New Challenges
Let’s introduce several new opponents for you and they are the monsters that will be launched soon! They all have very strong power under their plain appearances and cannot be defeated unless you are certain strong! Believing in yourself and improving your strength to meet these new challenges!

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