[All Games Event] The Lekool Talent Show! Win 500$ ~ 2000 Gold!


Everyone has a talent and how well can you show off your talent? Do you believe you are good at singing, acting, dancing, playing instruments or any Crazy talents you have and want to show the Lekool community what you got? Here’s your chance to show us, the Lekool community your talent- for example in the bathroom or balcony or may be any where!With a $500 total cash award to the winning talented video, you can’t miss this exciting event! It’s very simple; make a video of yourself showcasing your epic talent. Whether it is singing Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ or acting William Shakespeare’s famous play ‘Romeo and Juliet’, show everyone YOUR unique talent that makes you sparkle like Edmund in Twilight.

Remember, you are the ‘Lekool Idol’ try to make your video as ‘ultra-uber-epicness’ as possible. Try to be creative and you can score more views, like design your bathroom with whacked out backgrounds – may I suggest put a Justin Bieber wallpaper somewhere in the bathroom too. (Just an example, you can showcase any talents any where that do not violate any Lekool Talent show’s rules) Don’t copy what other people has done, be amazing be a star be the next Rebecca Black!

Follow us for more details: http://forum.lekool.com/talentshow/

How to participate:
Easy – video yourself performing a talent that you possess. Now get that bad boy video of yours to be the top viewed video of all the participants. Okay, maybe not so easy anymore. Have no fear, I suggest making your video funny; you will surely get alot of views too. You must say intro like “I am xxx, from XX game server X, participating in Lekool talent show” if you are not a player, then you can have your intro like: I am xxx, from XX(country), participating in Lekool talent show.
Send us vedeos at lekooltalent@gmail.com or for mobile users you can upload your video to zplyh3e5z5w5@m.youtube.com

Talent show will be having 3 months duration. Phases will be updated soon!

For any query feel free to contact us at: http://bit.ly/lekooltalentshow


The reason why we all participated for; 200$ cash prize to the winning video! 100$ to Three Runners up
And that’s not all! For all those who ended up in the top 10 will be given 2,000 in game gold (Excluding top 4 cash prize winners) of

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their desired Lekool game. You can bring along family and friends to participate in the event and if they win, you win gold!

How will the winner be picked?

There will be preliminary and finals.
In the preliminary stage, 10 videos will be chosen based on: quality views, comments and video quality and creativity. After these 10 videos had been chosen, they will then advance to the finals.
Then competeion will get more tough there will be final round among 10 Top winners, and 1 of them will be a winner for final 200$ cash PRIZE while 3 runner up winners will be rewarded 100$ Each! Final video will be chosen based on same criteria i.e quality views, comments and video quality and creativity.
Wait wait wait! this is not done yet, our top 10 winners (excluding Cash prize 4 winners) will also have prize of 2000 in game Gold.

What are the rules?
-The participants need to say the intro.
-The video must not contain any materials which violates the Lekool rules and YouTube rules.
-Anyone and everyone can participate in this event.
-Rewards will be sent to the information you have given in the video, be sure not to make any mistakes!
-Lekool has all rights to deny any entry in which it does not promote a healthy environment.
-Lekool has all rights to promote and commercialize the video entries.

*Lekool reserves right for any better modification upon need!

Lekool Team


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