New Event: Create Wallpaper Design or Video Trailer for ANY LeKool Game

For ALL LeKool Players

Event Details:

Users have a choice…

1. Create a wallpaper design for ANY game you want.  Wallpaper must be at least 1800×1600 (width by height) in dimension.  3 entries allowed per user.  Each entry can be for ANY game.  So for instance, each wallpaper you make can be for 3 different games.

2. Create a video trailer showing gameplay footage from ANY game you want (at the moment, we are looking for Fantasy of Swords video trailers but you can choose any game you want).  The video must be at least 1 to 2.5 minutes in length.  The video should contain LeKool’s logo on it as well as the logo for the game you made the video for.  The better the video looks, the better your chances are of winning.  Make the video look appealing so that players new to the community will want to play our games!

Users can choose to participate in either one of the above or both.


The top 5 users will win 200 in-game gold for the games they made wallpapers for.  500 in-game gold for the games they made video trailers for.  Also, wallpapers and video trailers that are picked by the LeKool staff to win the event will be used for marketing purposes.  So here is your chance to represent the LeKool community!


Please post up your submissions on this forum thread.

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