[News] Lekool launching King Of Agon (Close Beta)


Lekool games (http://www.lekool.com) is preparing to launch the closed beta of an exclusive online browser based game “King Of Agon
The Closed Beta of KOA (king of agon) commences on 31st January 2013, 7:00 PM PSTKing Of Agon is a 2.5D browser based MMORPG game, KOA features a blend of simulation, strategy and role play as never seen before in any other browser based MMO.

KOA follows a fantasy theme where players begin the game as a pirate in search of a long lost treasure, in the quest they encounter monsters, as well as other players who are looking for the treasure. Game features  4 class to choose from and many other unique features like  Dungeon system, Pirate League, PvP and PvE , Dungeon System to name a few. Toon styles characters simply look adorable and  the graphics are awesome.

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