[News] Lekool MMO RTS Browser Game Senatry Server 4 launch

Lekool games (http://www.lekool.com) announces the launch of its new server of the MMO RTS Browser Game Senatry: Regillus. The new server will be a GMT +8 server to cater to lekool’s growing Asian population.

Regillus (Senatry server 4) will officially launch to all the players on 19th November 2012 at 7:00 PM PST

Server Launch Events:  http://forum.lekool.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=311

A free to play MMORTS Browser Game, Senatry (http://senatry.lekool.com) offers the best gameplay of RTS, RPG and city-building simulation. It also has the best battle system of World Exploration, Farm Wars, Ranch Wars, Domain Wars and League Wars. Millions of players are already enjoying it.


 Brilliant Graphic system

 Diverse Units and Arrays

Great family wars

 Territory seizing

 Season system

Detailed statistics in battle report

Stepwise loading system which reduces the game loading time 

Lekool Games, is a fast growing browser game publisher. Lekool has won several awards and recognition worldwide. Lekool was awarded with “The Company with most potential at the Second China Original Web Game Summit. Lekool was also rated as the 2nd best gaming company 2011, in a vote event by bbgsite.  The company has published several  popular web games of 2012 like Dragons Call 2, Crystal Saga, Star Supremacy, Call Of Gods, Ninjawaz, Rich$tate, Senatry, Dragons Call, Business Tycoon, Warflow & Legends of Xian


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