[Ninjawaz Guide] Jar Smashing Rules


The smash jar system allows you to obtain abundant advanced outfits and rare items.

How to enter :

There are two approaches to enter Jar Shop. The first is to enter from Arena in city, click “Lucky Draw” on the upper left to enter the Jar Shop. Another way is to enter from the Daily Events list. Please note that the character must be in a main city if you choose the second approach.

Check Rewards
Enter Jar Shop, click “View Reward” to check it out. Each jar contains different reward, which are randomly drawn. So players who want to obtain some specific rewards should check rewards beforehand.

How to play
For player’s convenience, two smashing method are offered: “Open One” and “Open in bulk”. The former allows one smash while the latter allows player to smash 10, 20, 50 or 100 jars. Open in bulk is automatically. The action will be cancelled in condition of insufficient funds or full backpack.

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