[Ninjawaz - info] Player Builds


Stats: Constitution, Defense, Stamina, Block.

Villages: Fire, Wind.


Static Field, Flying Thunder God, Substitution Tech, Wind Storm Array, Great Strength, Pre-Healing Jutsu
Mud wall, Great Mud River, Substitution Tech, Assassinate, Puppet, Great Strength
Liquor, Sunset, Balsam, Fireball, Wind Storm Array, Detonating Clay.
Mist-Hide, Wind Storm Array, Great Strength, Giant Waterfall, Substitution Tech, Assassinate


Stats: Strength, Agility, Critical

Villages: Wind, Water, Thunder, Earth


Sunset, Bloodboil, Gale Palm, Thunderfall, Chidori, Detonating Clay
Liquor, Balsam, Fireball, Puppet, Great Strength, Chidori
Cursed Seal of Heaven, Mist-Hide, Bloodlust, Gale Palm, Rasengan, Great Strength
Crystal Blade, Detonating Clay, Great Strength, Lotus Skill, Bomb, Chidori
Crystal Blade, Detonating Clay, Lotus Skill, Chidori, Rasengan, Cursed Seal of Heaven


Stats: Speed, Agility, Attack, Critical

Villages: Wind, Thunder, Earth


Eight Inner Gates, Quick Step, Great Strength, Thunderfall, Great Mud River, Chidori
Quick Step, Great Strength, Assasinate, Mystical Palm Technique, Gale Palm, Thunderfall
Cursed Seal of Heaven, Eight Inner Gates, Rasengan, Chidori, Substitution Tech, Lotus Skill
Detonating Clay, Puppet, Quickstep, Great Strength, Lotus Skill, Thunderfall
Quick Step, Thunderfall, Great Mud River, Detonating Clay, Great Strength, Chidori


Stats: Attack, Agility, Hit, Health, Crit, Dodge, Block

Villages: Water, Fire


Mist Hide, Cursed Seal of Heaven, Assassinate, Pre-Healing Jutsu, Great Strength, Dead Demon Consuming Seal
Sunset, Bloodlust, Chidori, Balsam, Windstorm Array, Static Field.
Mist Hide, Crystal Blade, Giant Waterfall, Earth Prison, Windstorm Array, Substitution Tech
Bloodlust, Cursed Seal of Heaven, Mist Hide, Rasengan, Chidori, Lotus Skill
Mist Hide, Mud Wall, Windstorm Array, Cursed seal of Heaven, Giant Waterfall, Detonating Clay


Stats: Attack, Hit, Crit, Speed

Villages: Fire


Bloodboil, Balsam, Sunset, Fireball, Gale Palm, Clay bombs
Bloodboil, Sunset, Cursed seal of heaven, Flying thunder god, Rasengan, Windstorm array
Bloodboil, Liquor, Balsam, Fireball, Chidori, Puppet
Bloodboil, Cursed seal of heaven, Great mud river, Chidori, Thunderfall, Gale palm
Bloodboil, Cursed Seal of Heaven, Liquor, Sunset, Fireball, Quickstep


Stats: Health, Constitution, Speed.

Villages: Fire, Wind


Eight Gates, Chakra blade, Great strength, death mirage illusion, Eight trigram palm, Dead Demon consuming seal
Chakra Blade, Crystal blade, Earth prison, Giant Waterfall, Assasinate, Mist-Hide
Chakra Blade, Death Mirage Jutsu, Puppet, Quickstep, Gale Palm, Windstorm array
Eight trigram Palm, Death mirage Jutsu, Quickstep, Chakra blade, Substitute, Tailed beast heart


Stats: Hit, Stamina, Attack, Speed

Villages: Fire, Water, Thunder


Liquor, Balsam, Death Mirage Jutsu, Puppet, Dead Consuming seal, Great Strength
Death Mirage Jutsu, Puppet, Eight Gates, Quickstep, Mud Wall, Windstorm array
Static Shield, Flying Thunder God, Death Mirage Jutsu, Great Strength, Assassinate, Mud Wall
Liquor, Fireball, Puppet, Death Mirage Jutsu, Detonating Clay, Flying Thunder God


Stats: Attack, Damage, Stamina, Speed

Villages: ALL


Cursed Seal, Rebirth, Rasengan, Bloodboil, Bomb, Windstorm Array


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