[Basic Guide] Duel & Arena

Duel System

Players can duel with other players at Lv.20. The duel tries are related with the position. The winning player who starts the challenge can get the opponent’s [Waistband].
Click [War Record] to check the obtained [Waistband]
Display costs 1 horn

Players can’t continue to challenge the defeated player. If the challenge fails, it won’t affect you getting the [Waistband].
The player whose waistband is seized can battle the player in the [My Enemies] list to get back the waistband. Credits are granted based on the [Waistband]. The winner who starts the challenge can get the opponent’s credits while the player being challenged will lose the credits as much as the opponent’s credits. If you seize back the [Waistband], you can not only even the deducted credits but also get the opponent’s credits.

Players can freely select other top-ranked players to challenge. The system will send out the rewards based on the rank at 10.pm. every day. The winner can get Archangel Fashion. The 2nd-to 10th players can get Cool Suits.

Slave Gameplay
To the right of the Arena is the slave panel where you can capture, dispatch, and abandon slaves and rescue the friends, etc. Slaves can either please or resist against the masters.
Slaves can get benefits by pleasing the masters.

Arena Reward

The top 100 players can get Gold and Crystals. The players who rank after 100 only get Gold.
Gold=Round Number (200/Rank)*Character Level*20+10000. Crystals for Top 100=Round Number (81/Rank) +19

Daily Reward

Pandora Box:
Players can claim a different amount of Pandora Boxes based on the position every day. The Pandora Box contains tons of Elements. The higher

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the position, the more Pandora Boxes you can get.

The times of doing alchemy vary with the players` positions. The higher the position, the more times you can do alchemy. These Magic Boxes contain tons of Gold. The Philosopher’s Stone is available in the Shop and the events.

Login Reward:
Player can claim some login reward

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by logging in every day. Continuously login and you’ll get different reward. Become VIP to claim more rewards!

Daily Reward:

Players can get the rewards by staying online for some time every day.
When it`s the reward time, the icon will show the color and is flickering. Just click the icon to claim.

The remaining cooldown time for the reward will be displayed below the icon. At this time, the icon is disabled.

Players can claim the rewards for totally 6 times. The cooldown for each reward is different.

[Basic Guide] Position System

Promotion won’t be done automatically. You have to do it by yourself when reaching required guild level and Medal. At the late phase, you have to be a guild leader on the top place of the Arena Rank to be promoted. Promotion can give you more chances of unlocking Pandora Box and using alchemy, more Position Rewards, and allow you to send more pets to mine and attack more mining points. If you are promoted to a much higher position, your name will be broadcast over the server.

Click Promote after meeting the requirement. Each position will grant you the reward.

[Game Updates]Dragons Call II ; Championship, the Return of the King!

Coming Real Soon : Championship, the Return of the King!
Are you still pondering on the colorful and shocking experience brought by the last update? Taking it easy and the bigger surprise is coming! This update aims at enriching the play points when players compete with each other and adds the system of free PK and competition. With the battle system’s appearance changed, players are led into a brand new fighting atmosphere. The details are introduced for you now!

Highlight 1: Championship, the return of the king! (more…)